Friday, October 4, 2013

September's Top 3.

Since I occupied myself with some Challenges the last couple of days I am posting My Best/Favorite Outfits from September, today. September went by super fast and today is October 4th which means in exactly one month from today I will fly back to Albania and leave United States. It will be so bittersweet. My Parents, My Brother and my extended Family will miss Vivian so much, more than they will miss me. She has stolen all of their hearts. I will miss all my Relatives, My Friends & Family here in Michigan, especially My Mom. But what can we do. This is LIFE! My Husband's work is in Albania and that's where our lives have taken us now.

Now, moving on to last month's top looks, I got 7 for you. It was so hard for me to pick out these 7 because I had over 35 Outfits that I blogged in September (I pretty much blogged every day) and there were a lot of Fashion Challenges that I did with myself as well as with other Bloggers. What you will notice from the Outfits that I chose as my favorites almost all of them (with the exception of Outfit 4) feature one or more several new items. (Being in the States has made me shop a lot more since I won't have my favorite stores, once I leave.) The Outfits I showed as My Favorites are looks including a lot of common trends or elements, such as Color-blocked Striped Scarves, Shorts, Neon and Chambray Shirts. Most of these Favorite Outfits were worn when I followed whatever Fashion Challenge or showed you guys some of Mom's Must Haves for Fall. I feel like when I am challenged to wear something in particular, follow a certain trend etc. I come up with some Gorgeous Outfits. It's like working good under pressure.

The first 3 Outfits are My Most Favorite of all 7. I put them in the order I liked them. It seems like you guys liked all of these Outfits too as I got a lot of love, compliments and positive feedback on them. They each feature a new item I purchased (and love) in September, such as: The Skater Skirt, the Graphic Tee and the Owl Sweater. The other 4 Outfits are in no particular order of preference. Notice, I barely wore any Dresses in September. That's mostly because it was Hot and I was often at home or running errands like Shopping so Shorts, Chambray Shirts & Cropped Pants it was. Which 3 are your Favorite Outfits out of all these and why? Let me know in the Comments. Thank You & Have a Lovely Weekend!! TGIF. I will be back tomorrow showing you some more Pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. =) And then on Sunday, I have a great post coming up for you. *Hint* - it will be another challenge.

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