Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mom's Must Have Fall Items Series - Week 4 BLAZERS.

We took a short break last week, mid-way through our Mom's Fall Challenge. Heather and I are back at it again for a fourth week showing you today - one of my personal favorites - Blazers. The first week we styled Cardigans. The second week we styled Statement Necklaces & Scarves. And the third week we styled Corduroy Pants.
Looking into my closet and pulling out Blazers, I realized I have several from Old Navy that I am sure I have gotten inexpensively. I decided to Style 2 Old Navy Blazers: a Neutral Beige one & a Bright Cherry Red one.
First I styled this Beige, Cotton Blazer. I stayed Neutral altogether and paired it with a B+W Dress. The Dress has a slight Cowl-neck and I thought it might compete with the Blazer's Lapel but it worked out fine. To stay within the same family of Colors: Beige, Black & White, and to do some Pattern-mixing as well, I added some elements from Yesterday's Dressy LBD. I have on the same Necklace & the Same Pumps. I even have on a Headband, just like yesterday. For both Outfits I showed you guys the option of keeping the Blazer buttoned, but I much prefer the un-buttoned version each time. When I go back to work, I can see this Outfit working for an office kind of job. What do you think of Outfit #1?
Black+White, Leaf-Print, Sleeveless, Cowl-neck, Jersey Dress: New York & Company (NY&Co).
Beige/Khaki, 100% Cotton, Long-Sleeve Blazer: Old Navy.
Black+White Statement Necklace w/ Pearls & Plastic Roses: Forever 21 (New).
Square, Silver, Rhinestone Stud Earrings: The Limited.
Beige Silk Headband w/ 2 tiny Rosettes: The Limited.
Faux Suede, Pointy Toe, Leopard Pumps: Charlotte Russe.

Secondly I styled my Cherry Red, Corduroy Blazer. I love this Blazer because you guys know how I feel about Corduroy. I paired this with a Graphic Tee and my New Ponte/Leather Leggings. I shopped at Forever 21 last week and these Leggings, plus the Statement Necklace (rounding up for about $33 for both) were among the things I purchased. I wanted so many of the new trendy items. Lately I have been all about wearing & styling Graphic Tees. Love the Velvet Letters on this one and the Teal plays so well with the Dark Red - perfect Fall Colors. I also wore Teal Flower Earrings. I am loving the Silver Pumps I chose. They have Beautiful Stones in Colors like Emerald, Burgundy & Mustard. This was worn on an evening out for appetizers & cocktails. What do you think of Outfit #2?
Teal, Short-Sleeve, Graphic Tee w/ Black Velvet Design: Express.
Cherry Red, Corduroy, Long-Sleeve Blazer: Old Navy.
Black Ponte & Faux Leather Leggings: Forever 21 (New).
Teal, Plastic, Big Rose, Post Earrings: Aldo's.
Silver, Leather, Cone-Heel Pumps w/ Sparkly Stones in Jewel Colors: Nine West.

This is how Heather styled her 2 Blazers. 
I love how both of us chose to style one Blazer in a Neutral Color & one in a Bold, Vivid Color. I must say my fashionable colleague Heather is known for wearing Blazers and always rocking them. She even wore one yesterday. She has a nice collection of Bright Blazers. I, too, own a lot of Blazers, but I will be honest most of the ones I own are in Neutral, Basic Colors like Black, Gray, Taupe, Khaki, Navy & White. On my to-buy list is definitely a Cobalt Blue & a Hot Pink or Fuchsia one. I wouldn't mind a Mustard Blazer and a Kelly Green one, either.

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