Thursday, September 12, 2013

What I am Craving now from Old Navy: Shirts and Pants.

Last month I purchased a ton of cute things at Old Navy, mostly for me. I also purchased a shirt, a pair of shorts & a pair of jeans for my Husband and some cute Baby gear as well. I ended up buying many pairs of Shorts, Colored Bottoms, a V-neck Tee & a couple of Dresses. I have been meaning to post my Summer Shopping items in here but it has been an out-of-control Summer for me. I have bought way too much, though everything for a great deal. Anyway, while at Old Navy, I also acquired a bunch of coupons. They start today on September 12 and run for 6 days. I plan on doing some shopping for sure. Below is what I am currently craving from Old Navy. It is the perfect store for a Stay-at-Home Mom by the way. It has cute, trendy, chic & affordable pieces.

At $10 each, these are The Perfect Sweatshirts. 200% Cute & Chic. And I certainly don't have anything like them. I want all 6 of them but we will see. ;-)
These Fun Colored Sweatshirts are also cute. There are many nice Colors out there but ultimately if I bought any, I would settle for this Bright Lemon Yellow & this Teal Mint one. And they are also 10 bucks a piece.
The 4 perfect Button-down Shirts all on trend too: 2 Chambray Shirts, a Colorful Plaid & a Gorgeous Floral.
Some Skinny Jeans. I think the Teal & the Burgundy pair are perfect for Fall. I am also loving the Dark Indigo Floral Pair and the Small Dots/Bursts Blue Jeans.
I don't own any Boyfriend Jeans. I am loving these 2 Cropped pairs. Deconstructed Jeans in the perfect shade of Blue & a pair of Royal Blue ones (I love the color).
These Skinny Bright Pants can work for at least 3 seasons: Fall, Spring & Summer. I am loving the Polka Dot pair and I am on a Cobalt/Royal Blue kick this year. It is the IT COLOR for this Fall 2013, after all.
Last year I missed out on the Beautiful Sweaters printed with Animals on the front: such as the Fox Sweater. I do not want to miss out this year. I would love to get my hands on at least a couple of the Animal Sweaters. I am also loving that Geometric Print Royal Blue Cardigan, the Color-block Sweater (such Beautiful Soft Colors on it) & the Burgundy Sweater. I am all about Burgundy & Cobalt/Royal Blue this Fall. Most of these Sweaters are still 35 bucks each though, so I will have to wait these out.

Next week I will post what else I am craving from Old Navy. These are A TON of clothes already. Obviously, unless a lottery was won, I wouldn't buy all of these. A girl can dream, though and that is why this post falls under the Wishful Shopping label. But I'd definitely like to get at least some of them. I will keep you updated in what I get. =) What are you craving/wanting from Old Navy right now? Let me know.

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Retro Shorty and Nautical Rompy.

A couple of weeks ago I showed you these Denim Shorts, I paired them with a Simple, V-neck Red Tee. This time I went more Retro. I highlighted the high waist of the Shorts by tucking in the Bustier-style Tank Top. That Tank reminds me of Retro Pinup Girls. Also the Bow Sandals are a little Retro-Modern with the Big Bow on them. I played with Navy, Fuchsia, Red & Pink here. I added a Statement Necklace, because like I showed you guys yesterday, they can make an outfit more awesome. While the Baby is showing you another trend today: Nautical. We are both wearing these outfits today to cool off because it is hot & muggy. So what do you think? Is my Outfit a little Retro?
Ahh Sweetheart I love having you in my arms AND we match in our Navy & Fuchsia Outfits!
Hi Chubby Cheeks! Mommy loves you.
Navy, Cotton-Stretch, Fitted Bustier Tank Top w/ Red & Coral Roses: Express.
Indigo Blue Jean Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch.
Coral, Tie-Dye, Beaded Necklace w/ Gold Chain Links: The Limited.
Bright Pink, Plastic, Jelly, Bow Sandals: DSW.

Vivian's Outfit:
Navy Romper w/ Large & Small White Polka Dots & a Red Lobster: Carter's.
Fuchsia & Navy Socks: Wal Mart.
White Ribbon Bow Pin w/ Coral Polka Dots: Wal Mart.

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