Monday, September 9, 2013

Cobalt Casual Princess.

I had a real busy, family-filled weekend. I took yesterday off from posting and I tried to relax as much as possible from Saturday. We had a Great Bash for Vivian on Saturday, celebrating her Life, her Health, and just because. I got to see ALL of our relatives and some of my Mom's closest friends from Toronto stopped by too. It was great fun with great people and lots of great friends & desserts. =) Thank you so much to my Aunt, my Cousin, her Husband & especially to my Mom for putting together a great party. And thanks to my Parents & Brother for hosting/paying for this unforgettable event. The baby was good most of the day, though she pooped twice while at the party *oops* LOL. Thank God I brought 3 outfits for her - I come prepared. Though she was tired, she was well-behaved and even napped for a while. Then on our long drive back home (we had the party at our uncle's restaurant who is 80 miles away), she was exhausted and started crying. We had to stop at a 24-hour Super-market for me to breast-feed her and change her. She then fell asleep. But because of the day's festivities and her schedule getting messed up, she barely slept all night. She woke up a dozen times and even when she slept, was no longer than 40 minutes at a time. That was exhausting on me too. So needless to say, Sunday was a challenge staying awake. I managed though. I am glad to report, that last night the baby went to sleep at her usual time and slept all night and didn't wake up until close to 11.00 AM today. Same for me. That is why you get this post, much later today.

I love Cobalt Blue & it seems this Summer I embraced it THE MOST!! I am happy it is considered the IT COLOR for Fall 2013. I just need to wear it more & why not add some more Cobalt Pieces. Well, I added these Nautical Cobalt Shorts (that were about 8 bucks on clearance) to my wardrobe this August. They have little Coral/Pink Embroided (what looks like) Palm Trees on them. Besides Cobalt, I am loving anything Nautical these days and for that price and considering how cute they were, these were an excellent & inexpensive purchase. The Tee is a shade darker. It has that Viscose-Cotton blend material which is so breathable. And the Bracelet is an even darker Cobalt. The Hot Pink Flip Flops were perfect for a casual home & grocery stop look. I am calling this look "Cobalt Princess" because of the Beautiful Sock Bun wrapped with a thick Braid, on top of my hair. When my cousin did this same look for a me for a Wedding I attended on September 1st, I loved it. A couple of days later when I saw her, I told her to do it once more for me. And the Hoops also add to the Girly, Princess-y feel, though this Outfit is otherwise Casual.

Look at how she is looking at her Mamma. I die for those Smiles. That is TRUE, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE right there!!
Hi Gorgeous Vivian - My Little Ballerina!
In this photo you can see the Bun, the Ruffle detail of the Tee & the Embroidery on the Shorts, better.
Bright Cobalt, Crew-Neck, Short-Sleeve Tee w/ Ruffle detail: The Limited.
Cobalt Blue, Cotton Shorts w/ Coral, Embroided Palm Trees: Old Navy (New).
Real Silver, Oval Hoops: Meijer's.
Cobalt Blue Plastic Bangle: Forever 21.
Hot Pink, "Surf & Turf", Rubber Flip Flops: Old Navy.

Vivian's Outfit:
White Poplin, Ruffled Tunic w/ Yellow Flowers: Carter's.
White, Cropped Leggings: Geox Baby.
Baby Pink, Grossgrain Ribbon, Rosette Hair Clip: Buy Buy Baby.
Baby Pink, Cotton Socks: Carter's.

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