Friday, August 30, 2013

Flashback Friday: Blue Tops.

I have been wearing lots of Blue this week, and it wasn't planned. It just happened that way. Since it has been 2.5 months since I did this feature, I decided to bring you some looks from the past today, featuring Blue Tops. 2 of them are Simple, Casual, Girly Looks featuring Short Skirts, while the other 2 Looks feature Royal Blue Blouses paired with Pants, both of each are around the Holiday season, albeit during different years. What I am noticing from these 4 Outfits, I didn't wear a lot of Jewelry then, at least in these 4 particular Outfits I haven't. That is kind of strange because I have always owned and worn a lot of Jewelry. And what I like about this feature is looking back at Fashions from the past, brands I wore (most of which I still wear) and all the Hair Colors & Styles I have kept. What do you think? Which of these 4 looks do you like most? Let me know. =)

Wishing you all a Fantastic, Super Fun Labor Day Weekend!!

Light Blue/Turquoise, Ruffled, Cotton Tank Top: Express.
Lavender/Green, Small Floral Printed, Stretchy Poplin Mini Skirt: American Eagle.
Dainty, Gold Chain Necklace w/ Real Diamond Heart Pendant: Lord & Taylor.
Silver, Patent Leather, Lace-Up, Gladiator Sandals: Wet Seal.
When: June 2009.
Where: In front of our Apartment in Michigan, before a Lunch Date with Hubby.

Royal Blue, Silk, Military-Style, Button-Down Shirt w/ Rolled Sleeves: Express.
Dark Blue "Dirt Wash", Boot-cut Jeans: Express.
Chocolate Brown, Ruched, Flat Boots: DSW.
When: December 2009, around Christmas time.
Where: Our Home in Michigan, (not the apartment, we moved to a House in August).

Turquoise, Silk, Tulle-Trimmed, Girly Camisole: Wet Seal.
Mint, Flirty, Blue Floral, Chiffon Skirt w/ Ruffled Hem: The Limited.
Silver Necklace w/ Baby Blue, Pyramid, Rhinestones hanging: Express.
Turquoise, Cobalt, Green & Yellow, Stripped, Bow, Slide Sandals: Mervyn's California.
When: August 2007 (I had just cut my hair).
Where: Our Apartment's Balcony in Michigan (before going out for Dinner & Drinks with Husband & Friends).

Royal Blue, Silk, Wrap-style, Long-Sleeve Blouse: The Limited.
Black Satin, Dressy, Boot-cut Pants: Old Navy.
Olive Green, Pointy Toe, Wedge Boots w/Studs on the Wedge: Purchased in Albania.
When: January 2008.
Where: Our Apartment's Living Room in Michigan (before going for a Girls Nights Out with a couple of Friends).

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