Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blue-tiful for a Wedding! And Vivian has Pigtails!

I have been meaning, wanting, trying to get an Outfit Post today but once again the day slipped by me so fast and before I know it, it's midnight. I even had the perfect Outfit for Laura's & Erin's Cobalt Week to link, since yesterday. But it is almost Thursday so once again I have to be a late bird rather than an early one. =) I apologize. And I want to Thank ahead all of you who take your time to check out My Blog, Read what I write, check out my Outfits, Comment, Show Your Love & Support Me 100%. Thanks Bunches!!

A couple of weekends ago, I was invited to My First Wedding for this year. The couple decided the Wedding date, only this May. It was a Backyard/Garden Wedding and the Dress Code was "Casual but Chic BBQ". Yes, that is exactly what it said on the invitation. It was a small wedding, about 70 people altogether and the Bride looked so pretty in her One-Shoulder, Empire-Waist, Off-White Dress & Coral Sandals. The 5 Bridesmaids were alternating between Strapless Coral Dresses & Strapless Floral Dresses with Coral/Blue/Yellow Flowers. The Bride had ordered them off of the J.Crew Website. The Bridal Party looked Beautiful. The Bride is a former Co-Worker of mine that we became Good Friends. She is a little camera-shy though and I promised I wouldn't leak any of her photos in any social media websites. And the only photos of me by myself, showing what I wore, were taken by my Mom prior to the Wedding. She stayed with the baby for about 3 hours (that was the entire time I stayed there).

I decided to wear my Newest Dress from Old Navy which I got on Clearance for less than 50% OFF. I love this shade of Cobalt between a Royal Blue & a Periwinkle. I also love the Small White Print on the Dress. It looks like Polka Dots but it is this funky Swirly thing, almost like a flower. I wore Simple but Noticeable Jewelry and since we would be on someone's backyard of a home, I opted for Flats rather than Heels. My New, Gold Ballet Flats from Gap are Pretty & Dressy enough however (I spent about 10 bucks on them and they are Real Leather). I let my hair down literally and for the first time ever since having the baby, I went out by myself (this does not include grocery shopping). I was definitely one of the dressiest people there. I saw at least 10 people in Jeans - Ladies & Gents. I also saw some in Capris. Sorry but Jeans & Cropped Pants don't cut it for me, even on a more Casual Wedding Environment. Am I right or am I right? What would you wear to a Small, Garden Wedding? Did I look good for the occasion? How do you like the look? Do you prefer it with or without the Hat? (BTW: The Hat was on my head most of the time too. It was definitely humid and for about 20 minutes it drizzled, too.)

Cobalt Blue, Light Dress w/ a Tiny White Print featuring Braided Halter Straps: Old Navy (New).
Long Chain, Gold Necklace w/ Circle Turquoise & Gold Decorations: The Limited.
Baby Blue, Drop, Pearl Earrings: Forever 21.
Cobalt Blue Plastic Bangle: Forever 21.
Real Gold Chain Bracelet: Gifted.
Black, Silk Headband w/ Teardrop-Shaped, Black, Crystal Beads: Ann Taylor.
Nude, Straw Hat w/ Brown Wooden Beads & Skinny Bow-tie on the Back: Wet Seal.
Yellow & Cognac, Rectangle, Soft Leather Purse: Payless.
Gold, Soft Leather Ballet Flats w/ Skinny Bows: Gap (New).

Also, I had to share a coupld of pictures from Vivian from yesterday. Yes, she has lots of hair and it gets longer and longer. Though this is not the first time I have done a ponytail on her, this is the first time I did not one but two ponytails or pigtails on her. And she looks so Darn Cute!! What do you think? Also, like Mommy she is wearing Blue though her Top is more of a Turquoise. =) Enjoy these Photos.

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