Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Neon Splashes and Pattern Mixing.

Every time my mom has the day off - like she did today - I have a harder time getting a post in. Helping her with house stuff and spending time with her is important to me. On top of that, we usually do things together when she is off: like we go shopping, cooking, visiting relatives or having people/relatives over as we did today. Now, we are off to having lunch. I have got Vivian on my lap & trying to squeeze a post in. Speaking of Vivian, she got her first tooth yesterday. I guess it was bothering her so much that she also bit her tongue a little bit & it bled.

Anyway, here is an Outfit where pops of Neon come through from both the Polka Dots of the Skirt and the Watercolor/Tie Dye pattern of the Tank Top. Which means, I also mixed patterns. I think when you mix patterns, they work out best if they are in the same color family, don't you think? I tucked in the Tank since my Skirt is a Mini but the Tank has the very Popular Hi-Lo Hemline, so next time I will wear it untucked. I brought out the Turquoise of the Outfit through the Sandals and the Greens through the Jewelry. I love Greens & Blues and especially worn together they are such Pretty, Happy Summer Colors. Do you like Blues & Greens? Do you wear them often? How do you feel about Watercolor Patterns?

Watercolor, Tie-Dye, Blue/Green/Yellow, Silky Tank-Top: The Limited.
Black Mini Skirt w/ Different Sized Yellow, Cobalt & Green Polka Dots: Express.
Lime Green, Pear-Shaped, Glass Beaded Necklace + Matching, Dangly Earrings: Beadz & Bagz.
Turquoise, Peep-Toe, Eyelet Sandals: Simple Shoes (New).

P.S. I am linking this up with Jenny, Lauren, Jessica and Shanna.
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