Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nice to "Meet and Greet" Laura.

Today on the "Meet and Greet" we have the Beautiful Laura from the Famous Blog known as Walking in Memphis in High Heels. Though, she needs very little introduction on my part, because Laura's Blog is Super Popular even-though it isn't even a year old. Laura runs several link-ups & features through the week, such as "Trend Spin" which is My Absolute Favorite, "Day to Night", etc. On top of being such a Popular Blogger and Fabulous Fashionista, Laura stays on top of her Career, Being a Wife and a Yorkie Mom. And, she is also Stunning, like Model-looks Stunning! OK, so check out this Fabulous Lady.

1. Introduce yourself in 2 sentences. Introduce your blog in 2 sentences. Why did you name your blog the way you did?
Hi, I’m Laura, and I blog over at Walking in Memphis in High Heels.  I am a 30 year old wife, yorkie mom, credit analyst and grad student.  I mainly blog about my personal style and good fashion deals I’ve found.  I also love blogging about my everyday life and my love of running and working out.  My blog name came from a few different things.  Living in Memphis, I love the Marc Cohn song Walking in Memphis.  Since I’m 5’2, you can usually find me in high heels, and I love fitness.  My blog title combines my city, fashion and fitness – 3 of my favorite things.
2. Why did you start your blog & when did you start it?

I started my blog on November 27, 2012, so I’ve been blogging for 8 months.  I had been reading fashion blogs for a few months and was probably starting to drive my husband crazy talking about how much I loved them to him.  He suggested I start one myself, and a few weeks later I did.  = )

3. What is your Every day Work Dress Code?
I work in a corporate office that is business casual, but since I work under the director and CFO, I choose to dress a little more on the dressy side.  I rarely ever wear pants; it is pretty much pencil skirts, blouses and high heels everyday.
4. What Colors do you incorporate more in your wardrobe & which ones do you stay away from and why?
Blue is my favorite color, so I am drawn to turquoise.  I also wear pinks a lot, and lately I wear most anything neon.  I don’t wear many pastels or white, and it is probably because we had such a long winter that I was pale as a ghost and didn’t want to blend in.
5. What are some of your favorite accessories & how do you use/wear them?
My favorite fashion accessories would have to be my watch, sunglasses and a great statement necklace.  I feel naked if I don’t have them on, and I love to layer my watch with my spike bracelets.
6. What is currently missing from your closet or what do you like to add to your closet & why?
A lot.  = )  Boyfriend jeans, some nude ankle strap heels and neon yellow pumps.  I’ve been a skinny jean wearer for a few years now, but am really wanting to try out a pair of boyfriend jeans to see what I think about them on my body shape.  Nude ankle strap heels are a great classic that will go with anything, and with my new neon obsession, I definitely need some yellow pumps.
7. Do you have a Monthly Budget, if so, how much is it?
I don’t have a monthly budget, but my husband and I recently started listening to Dave Ramsey, and we will be creating one soon.  I typically spend no more than $50 a week on shopping, and I am constantly selling clothing I no longer wear on eBay and Poshmark.  I’ve been buying and selling on eBay for over 10 years, and it has been a great way to stretch my dollar even further.
8. What are some of your most favorite stores or brands, including shoes?
J. Crew, BCBG, Anthropologie, Zara to name a few.  I will try any brand that has good looking, good quality clothing and shoes at good prices though.
9. What have you yet not done in your blog but you want to?
Do a feature to show how I edit some of my outfits that I’ve previously worn on the blog to wear them to work.  I think it would be fun to see how you can change a couple things to make an outfit office appropriate and vice versa.
10. Your blog grown a lot in such a short time, Laura. Tell us your 'secrets'. How many followers do you have? How do you work into growing your blog?
Right now I have 2155 GFC followers and almost 2400 BlogLovin followers.  I honestly wish I knew how it grew so quickly.  I did win a free sponsorship after only a month of blogging which I know helped a lot.  I’ve sponsored a few blogs in the past, but haven’t done any recently.  My first followers were my mom and my friends here in Memphis, but now it’s crazy to hear that someone across the US is reading, or even people in other countries like you.  = )  I have always responded to every single comment that is connected to an email address through blogger, and I do it almost immediately.  I do the same with all forms of social media.  I don’t know if that’s why, but I absolutely love talking to people, and I think it’s important to respond to them immediately.  I know it sounds so corny, but I consider my readers my friends and love responding to them, and I don’t mean just by saying “thanks!”, but by actually talking to them and caring about what they’re saying. 
11. Below include 7-8 different outfits you have worn so far that you have loved & give some quick explanations for each.
For most of my outfits, I like pairing pieces that are somewhat opposites. I wore a fuller black and white stripes skirt with a turquoise blue silk blouse and a red blazer. I paired it with spike heels to balance the girliness. 
I wore my new favorite boyfriend shorts with a bright stripes yellow sweater, my favorite statement necklace and my spike pumps. 
I wanted to try something different in my hair here but keep the rest of the look simple. I wore my boyfriend shorts, one of my favorite silk blouses in a pretty green color, bright colored pumps and a striped headband.
This is an outfit that I wore to work. I wore my BCBG tulip style skirt, my J Crew silk blouse with a hint of neon and gold accents with my clutch and pumps.
I absolutely love skater skirts, and this mint one is one of my favorites. I paired it with my chambray shirt that I practically live in. 
This is one of my favorite outfits. I love pattern mixing. I love this bright neon floral skater skirt with this comfortable tee. I paired it with my new eBay find, my Coach purse, and black wedges. 
For this outfit, I wore my chambray again with some fun ikat print leggings. It was such a comfortable outfit and perfect for walking in around downtown. 
These are definitely my favorite leggings. I found them on eBay and that are faux leather on the front an stretch ponte on the back. I paired then with a neon silk blouse, my metallic gold clutch and my spike pumps. 
12. What is one last thing you want to say to anyone who reads this?

I just want to thank you for reading, and I hope you’ll stop by and say hi.  It really does mean so, so much to me.  I also want to say thank you Ada for featuring me.  =)