Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Super-Adorable, Super-Affordable Sundress.

Hi all. I am so very busy. Last weekend here until November. I got some packing & organizing done today, plus lots of laundry & dishes, but it wasn't everything I wanted to accomplish. There is always tomorrow. Hopefully I get to clean and empty out the refrigerator & pack the 2nd luggage.

Anyway. Below is a quick Outfit Post. I am calling this Dress 'My Pajama Dress'. It is brand-new from my June pPurchases (late June) and it does have the Red, White+Blue that I stuck with, this week. It also has many other Fun Colors. It costed me $11 and I am going to break it down to you why I love this Dress. 1. it is Cute & Girly. 2. It is Colorful & Floral. 3. It is a Summer Dress. 4. It is Super Comfortable. 5. It goes with any & all other Colors. 6. It was very Inexpensive. 7. You can dress it up or down. 8. It is a great Dress to travel with. And this might be the Dress I wear for my long flight (with 2 other connections) from Albania to USA. I also love all the Jewelry and the little Blue Sandals, in this Outfit. What do you think of this Dress? What about the Neon Accessories?

One last thing: Loving all the photos with Sweet Vivian, from this day. She is a Doll!!

Enjoy your Saturday Night & a Relaxed Sunday for you all!!

My Favorite Photo of the Day. Love this Little Girl sooooooo much.
Brown & Multi-Color Floral, Cotton, Sun Dress: Sweetie (New).
Emerald Green/Red/Silver/Yellow, Flower Drop Earrings: Street Vendor (New).
Dainty, Thin, Silver Chain Necklace w/ Electric Blue Fireball: A Local Boutique (New).
Neon Pink, Cone-Beaded, Plastic Bracelet + Neon Purple, Circle-Beaded, Plastic Bracelet: A Local Boutique (New).
Magenta-Purple, Patent Leather, Skinny Belt: Koton.
Smoke Gray & Olive, Plastic Frame Sunglasses: Gucci (Gifted).
Electric Blue, Jelly Sandals w/ Neon Circle Decorations: Simple Shoes (New).

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