Tuesday, July 2, 2013

May Purchases and June's Top Three.

I have been meaning to post my May Purchases, all month of June basically. But between being super busy this past month, many appointments out of the house, cleaning, lack of sleep, being behind on Outfit Posts and most importantly taking care of the baby, I haven't been able to. So today you get a 2-in-1 post since I am posting both my May Purchases (hopefully within the end of next week, I will be posting my June ones too) & my 3 Best Outfits for the month of June. =)

First, let's start off with what I bought in May. I added not one, not two but 4 pairs of New Leggings & have worn all of them at least once thus far (though most of those Outfits haven't made it to the Blog or I forgot to photograph them). One pair is stretchy Nylon with Gold & Silver Sticky Studs (Cropped), there is a pair of Shiny, Liquidy ones (worn here) that look like a Snake-print (full length). Last but not least I added 2 pairs of Animal Print ones, the Leopard, Burgundy Ombre pair is thick and looks like a Jegging, the Purple/Black pair is thinner (both of these are full-length). As far as the tops go, I wanted to add some more Yellow and/or Neon Yellow to my closet. The Tank Tops were such nice material & style; they are longer & have buttons on the front. While the Yellow Button-Down is a light piece, Girly, with cap sleeves. My last clothing item were a pair of Cropped Sweat Pants. They are in a Bright Turquoise (which I love), sort of a Harem Style, but are actually quite Cute & Versatile & I have worn them at least 4 times, though you haven't seen them on the blog.

The Silk, Rosette, Bib Necklace was what I gifted to myself for My Birthday. It actually came with those diamond-shaped, Baby Pink, Drop Earrings, not that I think the two go together, however I really like the Earrings on their own & have worn them often, already. For my Birthday I also gifted myself both of the Black Leggings, the 3 Stretchy Beaded Pearl Bracelets, the 3 Bright, Triangle, Plastic Bracelets & the 2 Nail Polish(es) - all of which are pictured together. What I mean about gifting these things to myself, is that a day before My Birthday I gave myself a budget of like 60-70 bucks to spend on myself since it was My Birthday. This 60-70 Bucks was separate from my Monthly Budget of $125 or so.

Included in my May Purchases there is a Colorful, Cross-body Bag; each pocket can be separated so it's really 3-on-1 one. Also, if I take the long strap off, they can become Clutches. I also added 7 more Colorful Necklaces (the Red, Mustard & Multi-Colored ones all have semi-precious stones); 3 more Nail Polish, 3 Flower Hair Clips, 3 Bow Hair Clips, 7 Hair Claws, 2 pairs of Plastic, Circle Post Earrings & a Woven Headband - as far as Accessories go. This month of May I also added a pair of Jelly Ballet Flats, they are so Adorable with the Large Bow, Peep-toe Style & Soft Pink Color.

So, in all I spent $237, which is pretty much double my budget. However, in my defense May was my Birthday Month as well as my 1st Mother's Day to celebrate so I was given some money to get some new things & so I did. For $237, I got 47 new items. Though most of it was Jewelry (hmmmm: Hello New Necklaces!!), I still got an Adorable New Purse, some New Ballet Flats & some New Tops, among other things. What do you think of my Purchases? Anything you Love?

These I Purchased as Birthday Gifts to myself.
I Love the Bag & the Multi-Colored, Semi-Precious Beaded Necklace.
More Necklaces, more Nail Polish, Cropped Sweat Pants & my Adorable, Jelly, Bow Flats.
These Leggings were a Birthday Gift to myself. I almost purchased a Long, Sequined, Black Tank to go with them but contained myself & saved the 28 bucks it costed.
I love these 2 Leggings which are both by Zara & the Top which is by Bershka (Zara's Sister Store). While this Neon Orange, Woven-Braided Headband (by Bershka) can also serve as a Necklace, I think. These were all purchased at a Zara/Bershka Outlet, F.Y.I.
Last but not least, the Tank Tops & Camisole by Bershka. I figured for 2 Bucks I might as well add another White Cami. You can never have too many of them. I have used this as a Layering piece & slept with it on, too.

And now, part two of this post is sharing with you my Most Favorite/Top 3 Looks of last month, of June 2013. I think, so far this year, June was one of my Best Dressed Months yet, I had a hard time choosing these 3 Looks as I really totally loved 5 altogether. These 3 Looks are (on coincidence) all from last week, actually. If you were to choose just 3 Top Looks from June, would you have a hard time choosing? Which one is your Favorite of  3?

Check Out May's Top 3 Looks.

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