Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nice to "Meet and Greet" NATALIE.

Welcome to the second edition/episode of "Meet and Greet". Today I have the loving NATALIE from "The Second Best" Blog (linked below). She is a twenty-something who has only been blogging for a few months. Since when I first spotted her blog, around Christmas of last year, I immediately decided to follow it. I liked her Chic + Bohemian Style. She wears a lot of Neutrals and I admire her for that. At the same time, she doesn't shy away from Color or a Bold Print like Ethnic or Chevron, either. Her blog is still very young & new but I suggest you head on over there and I hope you like it as much as I do. I have also featured several of Natalie's looks on my "Week's Best Looks" feature, including the Chevron Maxi Dress that we both love. Thank you Natalie for your time. It is My Pleasure having you on "Meet & Greet" today.

1. Introduce yourself in 2 sentences. Introduce your blog in 2 sentences. Why did you name your blog the way you did?
Hi I'm Natalie, wife, daughter, sister, dog-mama, friend, shop-a-holic, style-connoisseur, yoga-lover, wine-aficionado, and definitely not a cook. I blog mainly about my personal style and (possible) shopping addiction. My blog's name comes from my favorite Coco Chanel quote: "The best things in life are free, the second best are very expensive". Miss Coco sure had it right!
2. Why did you start your blog & when did you start it?
I started The Second Best Blog last September. I work in a non-creative environment and realized I was missing that little bit of creativity in my life. Also I love shopping. And sharing my outfits. So it was pretty much a given that a blog would happen sooner or later.
3. What is your Every day Work Dress Code?
My work-wear is usually business casual, and I can sometimes get away with casual (except for jeans) at the office. Off-duty, I'm a total hippie/tomboy in the summer (think maxi dresses, beaded headbands, distressed shorts, tassel anything, and crochet) in the summer and a "cool chick" (think black, white, grey, lots of leather, and over-the-knee boots) in the winter. 
4. What Colors do you incorporate more in your wardrobe & which ones do you stay away from and why?
I love neutrals and am immediately drawn to anything black/white/cream/grey, but I'm also a print-freak so I fluctuate from these simple outfits to crazy prints. (Style A.D.D. much?) I don't wear too much yellow, red, and purple (except for that sweet maxi dress & when they show up in prints!). I'm not even sure why!
5. What are some of your favorite accessories & how do you use/wear them?
I have a pair tiny gold bar earrings and these 3 rings (1 in an interesting hematite and two in rose gold) that I wear stacked on the middle finger of my right hand, every day, without fail. Other than that, I like to switch up my bracelets, necklaces, and bags to fit with my look.
6. What is currently missing from your closet or what do you like to add to your closet & why?
I'm currently missing a Chanel bag, some Louboutins, a pair of Chanel espadrilles, and some great leather pants. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints, I'm going to need to wait a little longer before making those investments!
7. Do you have a Monthly Budget, if so, how much is it?
Ever since I've started working, I really don't set a budget for my shopping (it's typically $30-$50 a trip and I make a couple of stops a week). As long as I'm paying my bills, saving what I need to save, and there's room in my closet (this last one is becoming a problem) I don't limit myself.
8. What are some of your most favorite stores or brands, including shoes?
I love H&M, Nordstrom Rack, and Marshall's for trendy pieces, Loft & Target for work, and Piperlime for shoes (they have some great brands and deals!).
9. What have you yet not done in your blog but you want to? 
I'd love to upgrade my template and learn a little more about HTML so I can edit little things as well as take better pictures! I'm working on getting better at editing this year. Additionally, I would totally love to collaborate with other bloggers (like you!) a little more and have some guest post features. 
10. How is your blog different from many others? How do you work into growing your blog?
I'd like to think my blog is fun to read. I love making people laugh and I write it as though I'm talking to you (complete with those italicized sections telling you what I really think!). Growing my blog is pretty important to me, so I like to visit other blogs (especially if you've commented on my outfit) and give you the same feedback and support that I see in the sweet comments others leave for me. Otherwise, I'm wide open for opportunities to be featured on the blogs I read (like this!) or feature those whose style I love on my blog.
11. Below include 7-8 different outfits you have worn so far that you have loved & give some quick explanations for each. 
Boho dress: While it's a teensy bit too short (and I wore it on a windy day, flashing an entire parking lot), I totally love this paisley H&M dress (or tunic?).
Panama hat & crochet top: Distressed shorts, a white crochet top, and a Panama hat (from the men's section at Target) - what's not to love?
McQueen scarf: This outfit has my favorite items: the McQueen skull scarf I scored on eBay, my Stella McCartney Falabella bag (via Overstock), and these Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boots (via Piperlime) that I basically wore all winter.
Madewell shirt: I can't get enough of this Madewell shirt - it's the definition of versatile. Now that it's getting hotter outside, I'm going to throw it on over a maxi dress to counter the blast of AC in those malls.
Sam Edelman boots: Beau wanted to be in the picture when I was channeling my boho-style with a Joie dress & Sam Edelman boots.
Paisley & shorts: I love anything paisley & these Hudson shorts were a Marshall's score.
Purple maxi: worn for my 1 year anniversary dinner with my hubby! And this Missoni-inspired print was under $30 at Target!
Gray Loft dress: a favorite Summer look with My Panama hat, Madewell shades and Louis Vuitton bag.

12. What is one last thing you want to say to anyone who reads this?
Come on over to for some funny stories, everyday style, my shopping escapades,  and the occasional picture of my shar-pei, Beau (because he's a riot).

Thanks for having me, Ada!

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