Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday is for Vivian - 4 Months Update.

Today on June 1st 2013, My Sweet Vivian turns 19 weeks old, kind of a Special Birthday since she was born on the 19th of January. It also falls on the Children's Day that we celebrate here in Albania every June 1st. Children's Day is one of those Holidays that we celebrate a lot in Albania. Vivian turned 4 months old a couple of weeks ago so this post is long due (I am finally writing it). And I am not sorry about all the load of photos. Vivian has become a huge part of My Blog now. I am a Happy & Proud Mamma so I am glad to share all these. Enjoy and Thanks for reading this Update!

Since the 3-month update you have grown a lot more, from your weight and your height but also your behavior and reaction to things. You are a lot more active. If you are not sleeping, you can barely sit or lay down still. You are always moving your legs - you take that after mamma. Because of this, your shoes are off within very few minutes and many times you even manage to take your socks off just by rubbing your feet with each other. Since you more your legs & feet the whole time, makes it hard on me to change your diapers or even dress you. You still don't care so much about putting your tops, onesies, bodysuits or dresses on, because you hate it when I lift your arms. You definitely want your freedom, so putting on sleeves, especially long sleeves is a little challenging. When daddy is home, he talks to you or shakes one of your toys in front of you, while I dress you.

We named your Doll (from these photos) Pipi because she has 2 braids that stand up just like Pipi Longstocking. We call her doll Pipi and Viv is learning to react to that. We are going to name all of her dolls & some of her other Stuffed Animals, but not to confuse her, we will only let her play with 1 or 2 at the time. I am not worried since she is such a Smart Girl. She is very very curious also. She loves being around people, in big places, with lots of noise, pictures and frames on the wall, etc.

Bath time is usually your relaxation time. You love to relax when we bathe you. However, despite the warm water, you get cold quickly. You are definitely one of those children that is always cold (at least for now). You love being warm. As soon as we put you down and throw a blanket on you though, you immediately put it in your mouth. You like putting things in your mouth: your fingers, your fist, your cloth dolls, your stuffed animals, your teething toys, your clothes, your blankies. Poor girl, you are teething, so putting something in your mouth eases your pain. You like your pacifiers a lot more now, because of this. You don't care so much about your vitamin though it is a sweet juice, you used to like it more when you were younger. You definitely talk and coo a lot more in your sweet little voice and you love it when we talk or sing to you, especially when I do. You also always smile or laugh. You laugh hard when we lift you up and/or make funny noises and you are laughing every time you see your daddy in the morning before he goes to work, or in the afternoon/evening when he comes back from work. I guess you miss him, sweet little girl. Even-though you have lost some of your hair (especially in the back of your head), the hair you have has grown longer. Everyone still comments about your pretty, long & soft hair. And your eyes have become between a Blue and a Gray Color. They are truly stunning, perhaps your best feature. You are such a Beautiful, Active, Healthy Little Girl and I cannot ask for more. I am Blessed more and more each day to be your mamma and I love you with all of my heart.

The message here says "Mommy's Sweetheart". She truly is. Look at those Stunning Blue Eyes, by the way.
Her 4th Birthday Cake which says "Vivian 4 Months".
After so many pictures, she was out. Not that I can blame her. We didn't take one of the three of us by her cake.
My Sweetheart, My Everything. She loves it when I lift her up like this.
Hot Pink, V-Neck Dress w/ Big, Colorful Polka Dots in Bright Colors: LC Waikiki.
Short-Sleeve Onesie w/ White Polka Dots: Peter the Rabbit.
Coral & Silver, Sparkly Cardigan w/ 1 Silver Rhinestone Button: Old Navy.
Baby Blue + Red, Silky, Logo Bow Clips: Random Boutique.
Bright Lime Green Headband w/ Flowers: a Children's Boutique.
Off-White, Nylon Tights w/ a Floral Motif: The Children's Place.
Pastel Yellow, Stripped Rainbow Socks w/ Lace Trim: Carter's.
Coral & White, Stripped, Terrycloth Socks: Carter's.
Off-White, Mary Jane Ballet Flats w/ little Bows: Carter's.