Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pink Jeans Outfit plus Target Tank Top Remixed.

I have read, remembered & forgotten many Fashion/Style quotes, but one I will never forget is the one below. 
“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” – Gore Vidal
I agree with Vidal 100%. Every day we put on an outfit, chose the clothes, shoes & accessories we want to wear, we are sharing more than just a piece of ourselves and our personalities. We are saying something with our clothes, whether we have on the simplest of outfits, lots of colors, patterns and prints, something retro, a costume, etc. etc. I don't think just one outfit can define a person's style, just like one day cannot define your life, just like one attitude cannot define your day. I don't know why I thought of this quote today but I did so I wanted to share this thought with all of you Stylish Ladies out there. =)

So today's Outfit may not be the Best, the Most Fashion-Forward, Pin-Worthy or full of Inspirations but it is ONE of the Outfits I have worn. It is me being a Mom. It is me on a Real Day taking care of the baby, running errands, doing housework, doing laundry & folding clothes. This is an Ada Outfit but it does NOT define my style. Between the Hot Pink Skinny Jeans, the Graphic Tee, the Stripes & the Off-White Denim (yes it is Denim) Blazer with the Navy Trim, it is Interesting enough I think. I even added Comfortable Loafers but they are Purple Moccasins. They match my Purple Stud Earrings, perfectly.

Off-White Jean Blazer w/ Navy Trim: Ann Taylor LOFT.
Gray+White, Stripped T-Shirt w/ Silver Graphic Print: Express.
Hot Pink/Fuchsia Skinny Jeans: Express.
Purple, Square, Multi-Faceted Stud Earrings: Bijoux & Accessories.
Ivory/Beige, Faux Leather Belt: Piazza Italia.
Purple, Suede Leather Moccasins: Micci's.

And I really wanted to participate in the current Fashion Challenge by Heidi and Whitney (that I just found out about today), but I haven't shopped at Target in a long time & I cannot say that I currently own too many things from Target. And I haven't worn a top from Target in a long while. However, back in Fall of last year My Mom purchased some Maternity and Non-Maternity Clothes for me, from Target. One of them was this Black+White Floral Tank which ended up being one of my Favorite Simple, Easy Pieces. It is definitely Casual, 100% Cotton but I used it into so many outfits both dressed up & dressed down, during & after My Pregnancy. Since I just found out about the challenge today & I wanted to start with Tops (that was Monday's Target Finds). I am linking one of the Target Tops I have. Here it is the Target Tank Top remixed, below. Click on each number to see the original posts. Thanks.

1. The Simplest Look with 3 Comfortable pieces: Maternity Pants, Maternity Cardigan & Loafers.
2. Remixed with Black, Teal & Beige for a Chic Work Outfit.
3. Paired with Blue Jeans, Rust-Orange Cardi & an Ombre Crystal Necklace.
4. Layered with My Favorite Gray Pants with some Magenta & Yellow for pops of (Bright) Color.
5. Paired with Black+White Houndstooth Leggings for a Pattern Mix.
Which one is Your Favorite Outfit I have created with this Tank Top? I think I like 3 & 4 the most.

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