Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April's Top Three.

Many Bloggers are doing their Top 3 Looks of this past month April, so I decided to join in. There were about 8 looks of mine that I loved this week so choosing these Top 3 was kind of hard. 2 out of the 3 outfits were easier to pick as favorites, the 3rd one I was uncertain of. Anyways here they are & under each photo, I have provided links that will take you to the original post of each outfit. Clearly I chose 3 very Colorful & Spring-Forward Outfits from April. I had Spring in mind with my Florals, Pastels as well as Brights & My Pretty Statement Jewelry, too.

And, I plan on joining again for the Pantone-inspired Fashion Challenge tomorrow with the color 'Linen'. I also plan on linking with the Budgeting Bloggers via FRANISH for my April Purchases. One last thing: Are you following My Blog? Now you can follow me through Google Friend Connect or through Bloglovin - I have provided that link at the bottom of my posts. I have Google Plus as well but I hear that is closing up, soon.

Which Look is Your Favorite? 

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Lemon, Grape and Faux Tattoos.

Pantone chose Emerald Green as THE COLOR OF THE YEAR for 2013. But there were other colors they picked as Great Choices of Spring-Summer 2013. To use all of these Lovely, Bright Colors, the Lovely, Bubbly Bloggers Heidi from Literate & Stylish and Marissa from The Modern Austen are doing a Challenge this week Monday to Friday to showcase all of the Lovely, Pretty, Perfect 5 Colors from Pantone. I wish I knew about it in advance because Monday was Emerald Day and I indeed own Emerald. I have a Pretty Top/Shell as well as a New Gorgeous Tunic/Mini Dress that I could think of, if not more pieces. But I will wear them another time, it's OK. Yesterday was African Violet (fun names they gave the colors this year, too) & today that I am linking up is Lemon Zest (love that name - it makes you crave a Summer Cocktail or a Margarita). So, I wore this outfit yesterday for the Lemon Day. These comfy, Cropped Sweat Pants couldn't have been more Lemon-y if I tried. And between myself & my daughter, we got some Grape/Purple in there too (My Cardigan & her Leggings - coordinated) though it is not quite the same shade as the African Violet but still. Tha Faux Tattos part is the Sneakers (that look like Ed Hardy ones but are more affordable by Skechers), the Silver Metallic Stamp over my Stripped Graphic T-Shirt (looks like a Tattoo). And even the little Studded Lion Logo of Express (on my Left Front part, on the waist) looks like a small tattoo. The studded logo also matches the studs on the cap-toes of the shoes. Did I coordinate or what!? My Daughter looks even more Springy with her bows (on her socks), butterflies (on her shirt) & flower (on her headband - which I made & it came out Awesome)! I was going to wear this outfit yesterday anyhow, Lemon or not, because I wanted to be comfortable since it went up to 80 degrees. The cardigan was only kept on for a little bit in the morning.

Spring is here, May is here - My Most Favorite Month & I couldn't be happier so Happy May 1st to Everyone!!
Gray+White, Stripped T-Shirt w/ Silver Graphic Print: Express.
Deep Purple. Long, Cotton Cardigan w/ Pockets: Terra Nova.
Lemon Yellow, Cropped, Sweat Pants w/ Logo: Express.
Pewter, Tiny Pearl, Stud Earrings: Forever 21.
Gray/Silver, Studded, Faux Tattoo-Print Sneakers w/out Laces: Skechers.

Vivian's Outfit:
Pink Shirt w/ Embossed & Embroided Butterflies: Carter's.
Purple/Grape, Cropped Leggings: Okaidi.
Pink+White Socks w/ Satin Bows: Jumbo.
Off-White Headband w/ Blue+White Floral-Print Flower & Lace: Handmade by Me.