Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Purple and Pink Colorblock.

It is back to being chilly, gray, rainy & nasty around here. I don't know if you guys knew but Tirana is one of those cities in the world where it rains the most. Statistics show that it rains an average of 265 days in a year, around here. Granted, I am sure they count a 5-10 minute Summer Rain in there too. I personally think it is not these many days, but I am not the one who is measuring. Granted, it didn't rain at all last Summer. It was super hot, muggy not dry & once again nasty. Of course when I was pregnant and during the 3-4 months of my pregnancy this happened (when the hormones change) so my body didn't take all that heat very well. It didn't rain not one drop for 3-4 months straight. We didn't even get any rain in September. Since October till now though we have gotten a lot of rain. Actually all March until a week ago, it rained somewhat every day pretty much. So maybe the statistics are right after all. =D

This look is from a couple of weeks back. I keep being behind, though not too bad with my OOTD Posts. Having a young baby has something to do with this, also the week of the 5 Days, 5 Ways Challenge I didn't show any New Outfits, rather participated in the Challenge so both these reasons kept me behind. Anyway. Today's Outfit is Bright, Colorful Color-blocking to keep away from the Grayish, Sleepy Rain. I even added a Pop of Red & Silver to this otherwise Purple & Hot Pink Outfit. I think My Friend & Blogger Heather would really like this outfit because I am wearing her Favorite Color which is Purple & I am also wearing Colored Pants/Jeans & she loves her colored bottoms, she has about 8-9 pairs if I am not mistaken. My collection has these, Orange ones, Dark Red ones & a pair of Lavender ones. I want to add Mint/Aqua, Pastel Coral, Pastel Pink, Emerald Green, True Red (Bright Red, since the ones I own are a Dark, Deep Red) & Turquoise or Cobalt ones. I know that's a lot but I can at least want & dream for now. =) Anyway, my Camisole has a fun little Origami Ruffle in the front towards the neckline & I am wearing my new Silver Wide Belt (the Cardigan is new, too) from My January Purchases. So far I have worn/used almost everything I purchased back in January with the exception of my leg-warmers. More Gray/Silver (as well as other colors) are in Tennis Shoes which look like Ed Hardy ones but are actually from Skechers with the Faux Tattoo Print. So what do you think of this outfit? Wishing you all a Lovely Tuesday.

Of course I took some photos with Vivian this day. This is a couple of weeks old so she has grown since then.
Deep Purple, Long, Cotton Cardigan w/ Pockets: Terra Nova.
Fitted Rayon/Nylon, Red Camisole w/ Ruffle Trim in the Front: The Limited.
Hot Pink/Fuchsia Skinny Jeans: Express.
Silver Metallic, Wide, Stretchy Belt: Terra Nova.
Gray/Silver, Studded, Faux Tattoo-Print Sneakers w/out Laces: Skechers.