Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Brights and Black Lace Tights.

I love warm weather. I also love seasons. But there is something about Spring that makes me happy. I wore Floral again today. I picked a Floral Skirt to pair with a cardigan. =) And I put Vivian in Pastel Pink & Pastel Yellow. She looked like a doll. You will get to see that outfit soon, however as always I am behind with outfit posting so you will see a look from a little earlier.

I wore this on a Sunday a couple of weeks ago, where My Husband, Vivian & I met a Friend of ours from New Jersey who had come to visit family in Albania. We met Keti at the Cafe located on the bottom level of the building where we live at. Our friend Keti came bearing gifts for Vivian too: a So-Pretty Lavender Dress with Multi-Colored Stripes on the Skirt part, a Stuffed Animal, a Beautiful Card, Candy (which Mommy & Dad ate LOL) and some money which went into Vivian's Piggy Bank. Keti fell in love with Baby Viv. It was one of the Warmest day of this Spring so far, so I opted for Flats with no socks of course, as well as a Bright Red & Hot Pink Stripped Top, which is a Light Knit in a Cowl-neck Style. And I love the little Girly part with the Lace bottoms of my Leggings from White House Black Market (I have mentioned before that I love their Leggings). I added some Bright Yellow with my Loafers & Bracelet. =)

I Love Keti's Lemon Sweater, so Cute & Springy. It matches my Shoes & Bracelet really well.
Red & Hot Pink, Short-Sleeve, Cowl-Neck Sweater w/ Bright Stripes: Express.
Light, Black Capri Tights w/ Wide Lace Trim: White House Black Market.
Delicate, Gold Chain Necklace w/ Small Heart-Shaped Pink Topaz Stone: Lord & Taylor.
Bright Yellow & Olive Green, Peacock-Print Bangle: Forever 21.
Yellow, Soft Leather, Buckled Loafers: Nine West.

Vivian's Outfit:
Hot Pink, Mustard Yellow & Orange, Velvet Body Suit with Flowers, Pumpkins & Leaves: Gifted from a Friend of Vivian's Auntie.
White & Multi-Colored, Floral Print Gloves: Carter.

...And before I leave for today, once more here are a couple of Announcements:

1) On May 4th it's My Birthday so FOR FUN and only for Fun I want to do an E-Party, a Blog Party if you will. So I invite all of you - whomever would like to participate - to style an outfit of your choice as if you where to come to My Birthday!! *Hint I Love Dresses*. Also, I created a couple of Fun, Festive Buttons in regards to this below so you can save and use whichever one you like, and post it on your blog the day I run My Special Birthday Post where ALL OF YOU will be My Guests!! That post is being run on May 5th and I will expect your E-Mails until May 2nd. In order to participate all you got to do is Follow My Blog & Link back to my Blog on the day I am running this post. I took this idea from Fun & Fabulous, Crafty & Artistic Megan who did the same type of E-Party over at her blog, back in January. =) I had a lot of fun styling an outfit for her Birthday, then. Here are the buttons below:

2) If you have been blogging since 2012 (no matter what month), contact me as I want to start a new series soon, featuring Newer Bloggers who are passionate about their blogs and what they write and who stay true to their aesthetics. Their blogs can be about anything. It will be in the form of an interview where I will ask the same questions to everyone featured. I am currently working on the interview questions. I will probably run this feature bi-weekly. =) If you are interested let me know.

For any of the above two things you can contact me at: ada.furxhi(at)gmail.com. Thank You!! Looking forward to hearing back from you.