Monday, April 8, 2013

2 Blog Announcements, Argyle and Bad!! Jeans.

Happy Monday or is it? Vivian hasn't slept around 10.30 PM since almost a month ago and it's almost an hour and a half later and she is still sleeping. So, I am benefiting from that and posting today's Post & Outfit. I really want to do a Brain Dump for you regarding blogging, fashion, why I blog, etc. since I really thought about that today (for some reason), but it has to be left for another day. Before I get to today's outfit though I want to mention a couple of things that have to do with this blog:

1) On May 4th it's My Birthday so FOR FUN and only for Fun I want to do an E-Party, a Blog Party if you will. So I invite all of you - whomever would like to participate - to style an outfit of your choice as if you where to come to My Birthday!! *Hint I Love Dresses*. Also, I created a couple of Fun, Festive Buttons in regards to this below so you can save and use whichever one you like, and post it on your blog the day I run My Special Birthday Post where ALL OF YOU will be My Guests!! That post is being run on May 5th and I will expect your E-Mails until May 2nd. In order to participate all you got to do is Follow My Blog & Link back to my Blog on the day I am running this post. I took this idea from Fun & Fabulous, Crafty & Artistic Megan who did the same type of E-Party over at her blog, back in January. =) I had a lot of fun styling an outfit for her Birthday, then. Here are the buttons below:

2) If you have been blogging since 2012 (no matter what month), contact me as I want to start a new series soon, featuring Newer Bloggers who are passionate about their blogs and what they write and who stay true to their aesthetics. Their blogs can be about anything. It will be in the form of an interview where I will ask the same questions to everyone featured. I am currently working on the interview questions. I will probably run this feature bi-weekly. =) If you are interested let me know.

For any of the above two things you can contact me at: Thank You!! Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Now, on to Today's Outfit. I am not feeling the jeans - let's start with that. They feel like Mom Jeans to me and even-though I am a mom (sometimes it is surreal to say that to myself) I don't like what these stereo-typical jeans mean. These are an older style from Express and I am not sure if they were this big on when I purchased them, or they stretched out, or I am thinner now or all of the above. I do like their color. I may be cropping them and have my taylor fit them too, I haven't decided yet. What do you think of the jeans? However I love this Cardigan - it is Argyle, a pattern I love. I love the pairing of these tops together - it is quite Chic. I will keep the upper top part like this and wear them with a Colorful Pencil Skirt next time.
Gray, 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan w/ a Red & White Argyle Pattern: The Limited.
Dark Red, Sleeveless, Button-Down, Silky Shirt w/Pockets on the Chest: Express.
Light Blue, Wide Jeans: Express.
Ivory/Beige, Faux Leather Belt: Piazza Italia.
Delicate, Gold-Chain Necklace w/ Small Heart-Shaped Pink Topaz Stone: Lord & Taylor.
Drop Earrings w/ Small Circle, Champagne/Pastel Orange Stone: Gifted from my Mother-in-Law.
Periwinkle-Blue, Rectangle, Plastic Hair Clip: Carefour.
Red & White-Trimmed, Leather Loafers: Micci's.

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