Friday, April 5, 2013

Flashback Friday: Purple Sequined Mini and Amazing Hair.

I mentioned yesterday that I wore a lot of Purple this week, though not on purpose. I love Purple and all its shades: Lavender, Plum, Mauve, Lilac, Violet, Grape. It is a color I wear a lot because I know that it looks good on me, not my Most Favorite Color but probably on top 5. So, as I was digging my archives of old photos/old looks, I actually found that I own a bunch of Purple Dresses. So to keep with the Purple theme, I am showing you Gals a Sassy, Little, Sparkly, Cocktail number today. It is a mini dress with 3/4 sleeves and a slight cut-out on the back (cut-outs are so in right now), with those stick-on type of Sequins that are part of the material. It is a Cute, Little, Fun, Going-out Outfit complete with Strappy, Nude Heels, Beautiful Makeup, Fun Jewelry and Curls. Let's face it though, whether you or I like the dress or not, this is ALL ABOUT THE HAIR. My hair had been cut into a bob just a week before these photos were taken and I took my time styling it into curls, that day. It might have been a Real Hot, Early August Day but I still managed to have Amazing Hair (shockingly). If I could go back to this hair-style I so would. I just find it hard to maintain as much as I love it. Tell me the truth do you like my hair here? Before this time, I hadn't had short hair since 8th grade.

These photos are unlike any other ones in my blog because of the location. They are taken both inside and outside the Renaissance Center down-town Detroit. The location is nothing short of Beautiful & Unique. Also, the photos are taken by a friend of mine who is a photographer.

And this right here is my Most Favorite Photo in the bunch and one of My Most Favorite Up Close Photos of me.

3/4-Sleeve, Scoop-neck, Purple Sequined, Mini Dress: Express.
Purple & Gold, Circle, Long Earrings: H&M.
Coral & Gold Cocktail Ring: Express.
All Makeup: Estee Lauder.
Blush/Nude, Strappy, Open-Toe Shoes: Payless.
When: Early August 2006.
Where: Renaissance Center, Detroit, Michigan, USA.

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