Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Slight Pattern Mixing and Neglected Vest Worn on a Date.

It is Tuesday and it is raining again. Story of Our Lives. Ehhhhh. The Baby is feeling a little better, though she has been real fussy (especially in the evenings) & throwing up for the past few days (before getting her shots). For all of you who are the praying type, keep her in your prayers and wishes for her to get well soon. I truly Appreciate it. The bad weather filled with rain and humidity certainly doesn't help matters. And they are predicting lots more rain for this month of April. Between getting less sleep these last few days myself, and the gray, dreary weather view from the outside, I am getting sleepier and more tired by the moment. Yikes.

So, I joined Bloglovin like most if not all of you. I hope this link below works so that you can follow me. It was easier than I thought and all my blogs from Google Reader got imported to Bloglovin, so whatever may happen to Google Friend Connect I won't loose you guys. So be kind and please follow me via Bloglovin. Thank You. =)
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Today I am showing a recent look of how I styled this Sweater Dress with Lace Stencil Print. I actually hadn't worn this dress since a year ago. So I got it out of my closet to wear it again, before it is too warm out for it. This time I paired it with a Neglected Vest that has been on my closet for far too long and the bad part is that I love it but haven't worn it enough. I also like the Lapel neckline on the Vest, like a Classic Blazer. I am doing a Slight Pattern Mixing between the Lace-Print/Stripes on my Dress and the Floral Print on my Tights. Also, the flowers in those tights - which were purchased in March - are Cobalt/Navy & Olive Green which tie in with the Dress Color & the Scarf Color. I wore this to a Shopping & Lunch Date with My Husband where we left our girl with my Mother-in-Law and she had a blast with her Granddaughter. That is why I am also linking this outfit to Date Night.

Royal Blue Sweater Dress w/ Lace-Printed Black Stripes: London Girl Boutique.
Black, Pinstripped, Buttoned-Up, Classic Vest: H&M.
Olive Green, Simple, Linen-Blend Scarf: Gruppo Fiori.
Delicate, Gold-Chain Necklace w/ Small Heart-Shaped Pink Topaz Stone: Lord & Taylor.
Black Silk Headband w/Silver Rhinestone Butterfly: The Limited.
Black Tights w/ Olive Green & Cobalt/Navy Floral Print: Bershka.
  Black, Leather Boots: Impo.
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Lavender, Gray, Maroon and Vivian in Pink!

I told you all I love Leggings right? I also told you that I would be wearing them a lot while Pregnant. I also love Scarves. They are the best accessory as well as a great layering piece. In today's post I am wearing (for the first time) one of the pairs of leggings I got during the last month I was pregnant (to wear after). I have always liked Lavender paired with Gray so that is why I did here with some touches of Maroon through the Scarf & Belt. And as you can see from the photos and from the title, we have little Vivian joining us today. Every time she is wearing clothes like a grown-up (not onesies), I will credit the source as to where they come from, as well. I cannot wait till Summer to dress her up in Cute Baby Dresses. Speaking of my little one, Vivian got her shots yesterday so she is feeling sick and even has some flu. Please keep her in your good thoughts & prayers - I appreciate it. That is why this post is coming at 5.30 AM (I am awake since I am putting Vivian to sleep, but she has some fever - yikes!)

Aww, don't cry little one. She was actually being good and then she started crying later during the pictures. She is still adorable by the way. And the message in the photo says "Mommy's Sweetheart" in Albanian. In general, Vivian posed and stayed good for this mini shoot.
This one says "Me and Mommy for March 8th". March 8th is International Women's Day which is celebrated a lot in Albania. So I was celebrating with the New Woman in My Life, that is why there are a ton of photos from this day, also.
Long, Lavender Cardigan: Pink Shadow.
Blue Tank Top with Gray & White Circles & Dots: Gruppo Fiori.
Linen, Maroon Scarf with a Small Floral Print: Pull & Bear (Borrowed by My Sister-in-Law).
Gray & Black Polka Dot Leggings: Calliope.
Stretchy, Wide, Maroon Belt with a Big Rose Off the Side: Calliope.
Delicate, Gold-Chain Necklace w/ Small Heart-Shaped Pink Topaz Stone: Lord & Taylor.
Teal, Aqua, White & Cobalt, Dangly, Bird Earrings: Christmas Gift from My Sister-in-Law.
Leather Suede, Slouchy, Gray Boots: Skechers.
Vivian's Outfit:
Pink Cardigan with Different Colored, Pastel Buttons: Baby Gap.
Pink, Ruffled, Nylon Headband with Hello Kitty: Disney.
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