Thursday, March 7, 2013

Introducing Vivian.

Vivian was born at 3.40 AM the morning of January 19th 2013 in Tirana (the capital of) Albania. She came out crying, a bouncy, healthy baby with lots of hair on her head and cute, chubby cheeks. She weighed 6.6 lbs and measured at about 19 inches tall. She was on the smaller side but definitely normal weight and height. She was very healthy so that's all that mattered. Read her Birth Story. I have been meaning to write a post about her and introducing her to you (through lots of photos of course) for a while now. I am finally working on this post today. I have a lot of pics to upload since today is March 7th and she is 6 and a half weeks old. Time flew by for sure. I guess better late than never.

So below, I am sharing lots and lots of photos of hers, from her Birth to photos taken just two days ago. There are some facts about her (in the pics), too. This is a lengthy post and a post filled with a ton of photos (I promised yesterday I would make this post picture-worthy and I am keeping my promise. =) So Thank You to all of you who will read this and Thank You to Everyone who has Congratulated me so far. Vivian and I (and my husband) appreciate all of your congrats and good wishes. =)

These photos are just minutes after she was born. They put her on my chest so she could smell me and then I started breast-feeding her. Then they took her for a bath and to get her dressed. This was my first BONDING MOMENT with her. Awwwww.

These photos are taken about 45 minutes or so after she was born, after her bath. Clearly you can see how happy she makes my husband and I. We cannot contain our happiness & joy. She is a Miracle!
We left the hospital the next day on January 20th. She was wrapped head to toe in Pink. She was PRETTY IN PINK, for sure. =)
 These photos were taken after we came home from the hospital. Her onesie says "Purrrfect".
Tiny Baby with her Auntie and her Grandma (from her Dad's side of the Family). I particularly love the second photo. They love her so much, especially grandma. All grandparents love her. My mom went nuts with shopping for her. She is after all the first Grand-Baby on both sides of the family. =)
These photos of her in the "So Cute" Hot Pink Onesie & Cupcake Beanie are taken just when she was 4 days old.
Later that same evening (as the photos in the Hot Pink Onesie) her belly button fell off.
Awww. I just love her face here.

You guys I don't want to take your patience away so I will stop now with photos, from the first week of her life. I promise to be back this weekend with Part Two where I will share lots more pics of Beautiful Baby Vivian, including photos from this last week. Hope you enjoyed them and thank you to everyone for following and reading along.