Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Magenta Coat and Carosuel Scarf.

Today was a great day. Baby Girl has been good for the most part. She slept pretty well last night - woke up two times - but still mommy got some sleep too. And on the afternoon I got to do a little bit of shopping. I was supposed to get some gifts: for my Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law and maybe something(s) for me too since March 8th is International Women's Day and they celebrate it a lot in Europe, especially in Eastern European Countries. It is quite a big deal in Albania and all the men get flowers and gifts for the women in their lives: wives, girlfriends, moms, sisters, etc. Well you know how that goes, a few things turned into a lot of things. I ended up buying a bunch of stuff for the baby too - mostly headbands - the baby headbands are hard to find here in Albania but I managed to find a few for her. I also got some jewelry and pretty much all accessories, both as gifts and for myself. In all I spent about $120 but indeed that got me a lot of things. Speaking of the Baby Girl, I am working on/preaparing a lengthy, picture-worthy post where you will finally get to meet her. Sorry it took so long but I am so busy these days and photos take a lot of time in general. I promise you though, she is WORTH THE WAIT. =) Carosuel

I have another newish outfit for you. This was a couple of weeks ago when we took our Baby Girl for her one-month checkup (which she aced). This coat is new - it was the first time I wore it and I love it. It was purchased at the end of the season last Winter for 65% off the price. My Target tank (that I wore a lot while pregnant) is still a very versatile and comfy item for me to wear. A couple of other new pieces I am wearing are the headband & the scarf from my January Purchases, this year. And the Express Skinny Pants I have had forever. I like that I am wearing such a Bold Magenta Color (as the dominating color) during a cold, Wintery month. =)

 Black+White, Small Floral Print, Scoop-neck Tank: Merona (Target).
Wine-Colored, Warm, Wool Cardigan: Pink Shadow.
Yellow, Hot, Pink, Carousel & Bicycle Print, Light Linen Scarf: A Scarf Boutique.
Charcoal Gray, Rayon-Stretch, Skinny Pants: Express.

Magenta, Plastic, Bow Headband: Terra Nova.
Magenta, Double-Breasted, Wool Coat w/ Black Buttons: London Girl Boutique.
Hot Pink, Soft Leather Loafers: Micci's.

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