Thursday, February 28, 2013

January Purchases.

I know today is the last day of February and most of you have either posted or about to post your February Purchases/Clothing Items but give me a break, I have a 5-week old baby at home. Plus, I didn't buy anything in February so posting this now is just fine. I see many bloggers do this and I think it's a great idea. This way - especially those bloggers who have a monthly budget - have sort of a monthly calendar of their purchases where they keep track of how much they spent too and if they went above or below their budget. I haven't given myself a budget, but I am guessing it's anywhere from $100-120 a month. There will be months where I may not buy anything - that I know. Especially since I plan on coming to the States this summer and staying there for 3 months and that is where I plan on splurging the most. So, whatever I buy now, especially before visiting US is something I really fall in love with or need.

Below are the items I purchased in January and what I spent overall. In my budget I am including makeup and perfume as well, however I am not including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face soap or any other necessity like that, because I would have to purchase those when I run out, obviously. A couple of things to keep in mind this year, for me, are: 1) we have a new addition to our family which means more expenses and babies are extremely expensive (diapers alone cost so much) and 2) I am not working this year so our family is depending on my husband's paycheck as well as my Maternity Leave money. I think I have done good so far as I haven't gone over budget the first month and every thing I bought I loved. I also needed more leggings as I plan to wear the heck out of leggings this year, being a brand-new mom. I also could use a couple of new, simple cardigans. I like that the two I picked out were light and they are super comfy too since they are 100% cotton. I was also looking for a pair of Black Ballet Flats. These are nothing special but they are cute and they oncly costed me 5 bucks. I plan on adding a leather pair when I shop in US. Last but not least, the accessories I didn't really need to tell you the truth. God knows I own a ton of scarves and headbands. But I love scarves and I am such a headband girl, especially cute ones with bows, and at such great prices I couldn't resist. Almost everything was purchased at Terra Nova which is a hip, casual European company, sort of like a cross between an Aeropostale or American Eagle with a Forever 21. I also purchased a couple of things at Terra Nova's sister store Calliope. I know both of these stores/brands are sort of younger, but everything I chose is totally age-appropriate for me and I believe that even 40-year-olds can shop at these stores, as long as choosing more basic items and pairing them with other age-appropriate clothing. So, how did I do? You guys are my witnesses to these monthly purchases. I hope I do not go over-board. I don't think I will - not because I am not a shopper (because I truly am) but because I know I will be and have to be responsible and have little money to shop with - so of course that makes it easier to stay on budget.

15 items for $79
Not too shabby, right. Do you like any of the things I added to my closet?