Friday, January 18, 2013

Pretty, Monochromatic Rays of Gray.

What a Friday. I woke up kind of late not only because I was sleepy, but because I needed the bed rest due to some little plain on the bottom of my belly. I am not too worried about it because my Baby's Birthdate is getting closer and closer so she is moving and shaking in there, maybe hurting me in some areas, putting her little feet and hands wherever she can and I can see them - they are little bumps in my round belly. So cute. I also think that when I touch and caress my belly, she definitely feels my touches. This is my first pregnancy so I am sorry if you get too tired of me talking about it, but it is currently my life and this state was a big part of my life for the past 9 months. Also, you can tell I am super excited to bring to life this Grand little miracle! I am getting anxious too. And I am sure once I give birth to her, I won't even believe it. I won't believe she is mine, she came from me. Ahhhh life!! Life is Beautiful and full of Wonders!!
This Cowl-neck Dress was bought on a whim last year, for 19 bucks. It was a size too big. But it is cute, it is a Sweater Dress with some Cable-knit detail. It is perfect for being pregnant. As you see I am wearing head-to-toe Gray here, layering with casual leggings, yet keeping things elegant with a fun, ruffle-trimmed blazer. I love the Dazzling Headband & Necklace here. They kind of match. ;-) This Dress was also worn in a Monochromatic way, in November during Fall's Fashion Challenge I participated in.

Dressy, Gray, Velvet Blazer w/ Ruffle Trim: White House Black Market.
Gray, Short-Sleeve, Cable-Knit, Sweater Dress: Line 1900 (this is basically a line of stores in Tirana, where everything equals 19$.)
Charcoal Gray, Elastic Synthetic Leggings w/ Zippers off the Side: Express.
Long Chain Necklace w/ Fake Pearls & Iridescent Glass Beads: White House Black Market.
Wide, Silver, Sparkly Headband w/ Black Plastic on the Side: Bijoux & Accessories.
Leather Suede, Slouchy, Gray Boots: Skechers.

P.S. I am linking today with Bri Marie for her Third Thursday Threads which this time features Blazers. She is also wearing a dress with a blazer oer and boots. She accessorized with a Scarf while I did with a Long Necklace. I am also linking up with Tunde for Favorite Frock Fridays. Check out her Blinged-Out yet Casual Outfit, today. =)