Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Brown, Burnt Orange and Burgundy.

The second day of the New Year is here. It is a little cold but not too much. There are some clouds but for the most part it's warm. I have so much work to do today: wash dishes, put clothes away, visit my husband's uncles, do laundry, etc. Let's see how much of it actually gets done. But even if it doesn't, I will do the rest tomorrow. I am off anyway - on Maternity Leave.

My New Year's Eve was wonderful. There were ten of us for dinner over at my in-laws and there was enough food for at least 20 people. Some of the yummy things we had were: chicken stuffed with chestnuts, beef pie (similar to pot pie but not the same), baked potatoes, ostrich meatloaf, rice balls, Greek salad, Caprese salad, xaxiqi sauce, potato salad, lamb chops, red wine, fresh bread & bakllava. Don't they sound yummy? I didn't even mention everything. LOL That is Albanian cooking for special occasions you all. =D Of course there was so much food left over, we had some for lunch yesterday & we will have more leftovers today.

Today I mixed some Fall colors like Brown, Burnt Orange, Gray & Burgundy for a cozy Sweater Dress Layered Look. This is another outfit from December of course and I have at least ten more, so bear with me. They are still very recent looks and January looks like a month where I won't go out much - no daily work schedule after all. I love this home-made French Beret. I love berets - my favorite types of hats, especially for Winter time. This dress is kind of short, but I wore thick tights and the ensemble was darker, so I made it work for my job, I think. =) What are you up to this Wednesday and how is the weather there? Also, how did you spend New Year's Eve, what did you do and wear? I'd like to know. =)

  Cowl-Neck, Short, Burnt-Orange, Sweater Dress: Line 1900 in Tirana.
Brown Cardigan: H&M.
Burgundy, Knit French Beret w/ Burgundy Pearl Beds: Hand-Made from a Friend.
Long, Multi-Colored, Rainbow, Beaded Necklace: Charlotte Russe.
Ivory & Camel, Faux-Leather Headband with Double Bows (off the Side): Bijoux & Accessories.
Dark Brown Leather Suede Purse: Old Navy.
Brown Puffy Coat w/ Faux Fur-Trimmed Hood: Weather Tamer.
Wool-Blend & Chenille, Warm, Frayed, Brown Scarf: Purchased at a Boutique in Tirana.
Dark Gray, Soft Knit, Sweater Tights: Golden Point.
Cognac Brown, Leather, Riding Boots: Payless.

P.S. On this first Wednesday of 2013 I am linking up with New Mom Savannah, Sweet & Sassy Shanna, Crafty & Artsy Lindsey and Beautiful Blondie Melaina.