Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dressing Up a Sweater with Pink Cords and a Sneak Peek Halloween.

This is my last Outfit featuring Pink for this month of October in honor of Breast Cancer, Pink Ribbon month. I promised to wear Pink at least twice a week this month and I also linked up with Amy for "Blogging for Breast Cancer A-WEAR-Ness. So far so good since I wore lots of Pink on the blog (and more Pink that hasn't made it to the blog) this month. So expect to see more Pink pieces come November. Speaking of November, it is October 31st today, Halloween. Only 2 more months left of this year and only 4 more days left till I fly back to Europe. =( Time flies by quicker and quicker. And no, I am not packed or ready yet.

Today, you get another pair of Pink Pants. They are not as bright as my Neon Pink Pants by Gap, but they are still Pretty in Pink. They are crops in a Fall material: Corduroy. I have had them in my closet for several years. I decided to dress them up, and dress up my Black Sweater as well. The Sweater is a see-through crochet with a deep V-neck & some shimmery thread going through it. In order to dress it up, I paired it with a Silk, Bow-Tie Blouse underneath, some Muted Pink Pumps and some Crystal Jewels: Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings. All of my Beautiful Jewels are by White House Black Market. If you haven't checked out their Jewelry yet - you MUST. I also recommend you take a peek at their Fancy Cardigans, Great-fitting Jeans, Ponte Leggings & Sexy Bustiers. This was worn on a Sunday evening welcoming Guests over my Parents' House. I must say this Outfit worked and I declare it 100% Successful. This would work for welcoming Guests at home, a date with your significant other, cocktails, a dinner party and even at work. I hope you like it as much as I do. Do you?

Left Hand Jewelry:
Neon Pink & Silver "Paris" Watch: Gifted (New).
Black, Navy & Smoke, Crystal, Stretchy Bracelet w/ Large Stones: White House Black Market.
Circle, Crystal, Silver, Stretchy Bracelet: Express.
Real Gold & Diamond Wedding Band & Engagement Ring: from My Husband.
Faux Silver Ring w/ Large Rectangle Cubic Zirconia surrounded by tiny Stones: Express.
Right Hand Jewelry:
Silver Ring w/ bands of Crystals: Avon.
Silver, Intricate Ring w/ tiny Rhinestones: Lord & Taylor.
Silver Ring w/ Square Blue Stone in the middle surrounded by 3 tiny Silver Stones on each side: Kohl's.
Silver Ring w/ Circle, Real Turquoise StoneExpress.
Black, Shimmery, Crochet, V-Neck, Tunic Sweater: Express.
Black, Sleeveless, Silk, Bow-Tie Blouse: White House Black Market.
Hot Pink, Cropped, Corduroy Pants: Express.
Drop Earrings w/ Dark Red Crystal Stones: White House Black Market.
Silver Chain Necklace w/ Silver Ring & Neutral Crystals hanging: White House Black Market.
Baby Blue, Woven, Ponytail Holder: J. Crew.
Dusty Pink/Rose, Round-Toe, Leather Suede Pumps w/ Skinny Patent Leather Bows: Payless.

Also, in honor of Halloween, I am showing you guys some photos of Vivian  (with Mommy & her 2 Aunties) visiting a Cider Mill for the first time; with the Pumpkin we picked out and a sneak-peak at her Halloween 'Costume'.  These photos are taken over the last week. Enjoy the Photos & Happy Halloween to you & your families, especially if you have kids. =) 
Probably my favorite photo from Sunday October 27th. I love it. Vivian's smile lights up everything. I love her with all of my soul. She is MY EVERYTHING!!

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Guest Post: Sherry of The Life of the Party.

Hello Ladies and Happy Hump Day. Tomorrow is Halloween, you got any plans? It is Vivian's very first Halloween. I sort of have a costume for her but you will wait to see her in it. But today I have my second Guest Post for this mini series of Guest Posts I am hosting this Fall, due to being busy and trying to squeeze as much time as possible with my brother and parents here in Michigan, before I leave. 

Today I have Beautiful, Tall, Blonde SHERRY of The Life of the Party. Her blog is about beautiful, warm, sunny Hawaii Style, Gorgeous Views, Palm Trees, Beauty, tips on Design, Fashion and such. She also hosts the Fashion Informant link-up usually either on Thursdays or Fridays. Take it over, Sherry.


Hello Elegance & Mommyhood readers and thank you to Ada for allowing me to guest-post today.

I'm Sherry of The Life of the Party and I've gotten to know the fabulous, inspiring and encouraging, Ada through my Fashion Informant linkup that I host each week and it's been an absolute pleasure.

I started The Life of the Party about five years ago as a way to document past parties and events for my family and close friends and over the last year it's morphed into a Fashion and Lifestyle blog. I'm glad I made the change because honestly, you can't have a party every day and I really wanted to establish a stronger connection with my readers and the new direction has allowed for this to happen.

My true fashion sense is mixing of high end items with low. I don't feel like you have to spend a ton of money to look good. The rules of my style are very simple; I regularly shop at Target and have found tons of great pieces over the years and I save and save for that perfect high end accessory, like a great statement necklace or fabulous handbag. Let's be honest those are the go-to pieces that go a long way. I also incorporate inspiration of others whether it be, accessories, shoes, handbags or mixing of patterns I normally wouldn't have considered.  I feel like that is what this Fashion Blogging world is all about, receiving inspiration, providing inspiration and just being supportive of women in general. 

Thank you so much Ada for inviting me to share your space today. I look forward to all of your fashionable ensembles and enjoy all of the photos of your sweet mini-me fashionista.


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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Then and Now: Watercolor, Tank Dress from The Limited.

Good Morning on this chilly, gray Tuesday. Last week I started a new feature on my blog titled "Then & Now". What is this feature, exactly? I take one item of clothing or an Outfit that I have worn 2+ years ago and re-wear it now, re-style it fresh. Last week I showed you my Fuchsia, Empire-Waist Dress. Today I have another Dress for you. This one is sort of a Water-color in Charcoal, Lavender, Navy, Orange & Baby Blue. It is a Tank style and more of a Summer Dress but with layering it can work for Fall. This time I wore it for a Pretty Warm Fall day, where I met a soon-to-be-mom friend of mine for coffee, with Vivian too, of course. If I'd wear this Dress today, I would try some Burgundy Tights with it, my Black Booties, a Long Pink-Ombre Necklace, some Dangly Crystal Earrings & my Green Military Blazer. I know that's a lot of Colors in one single Outfit but a lot of those Colors are Warm Neutrals so I can picture it in my head and it works.

This Tank Dress is from the Limited from Summer 2011. I bought it on clearance and loved it, but truth be said I only wore it this one time (from the Then Photo) in August 2011, to have Dinner & Cocktails and later go to the Movies with a Friend. Fast forward to October 2013 and this Dress was worn to meet another friend, paired with a Pastel, Pink-Coral Cardigan with Embroidery & some Fuchsia Rose Earrings. Pastels & Embellishments are big this Fall-Winter season and this Sweater has both. And it is from Wal Mart, yep. I know I styled this Dress very similarly to last week's "Then & Now" Dress but it worked. What do you lovely ladies think? Also, stay tuned for a Guest Post tomorrow & another one on Friday. I also got a special post for Halloween. Thanks for reading.

Navy/Lavender/Coral Tank Dress w/ built-in Tie-Belt: The Limited. 
Pastel, Coral-Pink, 3/4-Sleeve Cardigan w/ Embroided Flowers: Wal Mart.
Fuchsia-Bordeaux, Plastic, Big Rose, Post Earrings: Aldo's.
Neon Pink & Silver "Paris" Watch: Gifted (New).
Olive Green & Gray, Ombre, Metallic Bracelet: The Limited.
Real Gold & Diamond Wedding Band & Engagement Ring (left hand): from My Husband.
Silver Ring w/ Circle, Green Opal Stone (right hand): A Local Jewelry Store (New & Gifted).
Silver Ring w/ Circle, Real Turquoise Stone (right hand)Express.
Coral, Silk, Bun Holder w/ Green Swirls: An Accessories Boutique in Tirana (Albania).
Heather Gray, Leather Suede, Peep-toe Wedges w/ Neon Yellow peeking from the Toe: c/o Le Bunny Bleu (New).

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Jeans, Bustier and Double Fur. Plus a Life Update.

I was busy this weekend so you get a late morning post this Monday. I am once again very late to the FUR & WOOL Link-up for the Trend Spin Party but better late than never. This Outfit also features Boots which was the Spotlight Weekly item for this past Thursday. So I hit two birds with one stone, with this Outfit since I am wearing a Faux Fur Shrug & Faux Fur-trimmed Boots. I have had this Shrug for a few years and have worn it a few times. To me it is more of a Dressy item. This Shrug will definitely dress up an Outfit like it did my Jeans (here), but you can wear this Fur Shrug/Vest in a more Casual way, too. And, exactly a week ago I showed you a Bustier. This time I am wearing another Bustier, also from White House Black Market. I own about 15-16 Bustiers and at least 10 of them are from WHBM. If you ever go to that store, they seriously have gorgeous, beautiful bustiers each season. It is one of their trade-mark stylish items. They can be anywhere from $90-$120 bucks but when they go on clearance buying them for $30-$50 they worth it. And my Jeans here are actually crops but you cannot tell since I tucked them inside the Boots. So, how do I look?

Now a little life update on you guys. This is my very last week here in Michigan by the way. =( I still haven't packed (I got 4 luggage, a carry-on, a back-pack, a little purse & the baby's diaper bag to pack for Vivian & I). I didn't mean to leave it last minute but I haven't really had the chance since my mom has been working non-stop and wasn't able to get this week off due to being short-staffed. I am flying next Monday. My Mom is off from Friday until Monday. But seriously I am super behind and still have a little bit of shopping and some returns to do. Wish me Luck. I won't be available much to read your blogs or your life updates this week or next week. But Thank You for stopping by my blog, for reading along and not abandoning me. And I got a couple of Guest Posts this week and some more the week after that. So stay tuned. Thank you & keep on reading. =)

I love the mixing of Prints on the Bustier since the Belt is in a different Print than the Bust.
Black, White & Tan, Brocade-Print Bustier w/ Decorative Gold Studs & Tan-Patterned Sash Belt: White House Black Market.
Beige/Sand, Faux Fur Shrug w/ Silver Rhinestone Clasp: Lauren Conrad by Kohl's.
Medium to Dark, Cropped, "Drew" Jeans: The Limited.
Real Silver, Oval Hoops: Meijer's. 
Real Silver, Dainty Chain Necklace, w/ Lime Green, Lucite, Butterfly Pendant: Avon.
Stretchy Bracelet w/ tiny Pearls in a set of 4 (left hand): Forever 21.
Silver Bangle (left hand): White House Black Market.
Real Gold Chain Bracelet (right hand): Gifted.
Khaki, Linen Canvas Clutch w/ Black, Faux Leather trim: The Limited.
Brown, Leather, Canvas & Faux Fur, Wedge Boots w/ Buckle detail: Aldo.

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