Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday is for Vivian - 7 Months Update.

Vivian Our Daughter celebrated her first 7 months of age on August 19th. I know it has been a long time since I last updated you on her monthly stats. To read all about Vivian look under My Baby's Story Labels to see each monthly update. Thank you for reading!

Vivian celebrated her second monthly birthday here in the States surrounded by her mom, her maternal Grandparents, her Uncle Ilir & her Auntie Gloria. I took these monthly photos of her in the afternoon. Then, my mom brought the cake (it was a strawberry & vanilla cheesecake) she had ordered for Vivian's 7-month Birthday. And as each 19th of every month, she got to wear a new dress. Later that evening, we went over to visit Aunt Gloria and even took the baby for a stroller ride around Auntie's neighborhood.

Less than a week after Vivian's 7 month Birthday, she got her first tooth on August 25th. In Albania, with babies, when they get their first teeth, the first person who sees the teeth (with the exception of Mommy or Daddy) buys the baby a gift or gives the baby some money as a present. Vivian's Grand-Aunt saw her tooth for the first time. We won't forget that Sunday, since it was also Vivian's first time at the beach. We had her go inside the lake, even. During the month of August, just a couple of days after she turned 7 months, we even went for a doctor' appointment, checked her stats and just visited her in general, Besides Vivian being a little cranky because of teething, she was very healthy and happy, so that was a great doctor's visit. Since Vivian is (still) mostly breast-fed rather than on formula, the doctor prescribed some iron for her. It tastes like grape juice. She likes it OK.

At 7 months old, Vivian eats some solid foods at least once a day. We have tried different Gerber and other fruit and/or vegetable Baby foods on her. She likes the purees ok, but what she truly loves is her yougurt. We have tried several different yogurts. The best one by far is the baby Danon or Danonino. This is the one I recommend for you mommies with babies out there. It only comes with banana as far as I know. It is thick & creamy and it tastes delicious. Plus it is in a small size, the perfect mini size for the baby to finish in one meal. Vivian's sleep is very unpredictable however. There are nights when she is down for 9 hours waking up only once or twice. There are nights when she is down for 7-8 hours waking up every hour, crying. Her daytime naps are not scheduled either. She usually takes one around noon or 1.00 PM and one around 4.00, 5.00 or 6.00 PM each lasting about 30-60 minutes. She doesn't sleep a lot. And she goes to bed late, She takes that after me rather than her dad. I mean I love sleep but I don't sleep a ton - I wish. Despite not sleeping a lot, she is like the energizer bunny. That baby isn't still for longer than 10 seconds, especially when I change her diaper. But she makes me happy every time I see her so active & curious, smiling, cooing, talking up a storm and even singing opera (that's how her singing sounds).

7 months have gone by and each day I spend with her seems shorter. As I write this today, I feel bittersweet because after her 8th Birthday, we only have a little over a month left in the States with the baby. Her Grandparents will miss her so much. Their home and her crib will feel so empty without her. She is My Family's Joy!! We love her soooo very much.

Her 7-month Birthday Stuffed Toy is a Multi-Colored, Multi-Patterned Cow. A Fashionable, Pretty, Girly Cow. Mommy Approves LOL!
Some photos of Vivian with her Auntie Gloria (my little Sister) who loves her so much. Gloria has showered her with so many gifts. She loves her very much. Vivian is one Lucky, Spoiled Baby.
Vivian's Outfit:
Pink+White Gingham, Seer-sucker Dress w/ Embroided Flowers & Built-in Cardigan: Youngland.
White Head-band w/ Fuchsia & White Tulle Flowers (clipped in): Wal Mart.
Baby Pink, Mary Jane Ballet Flats: Laura Ashley.

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  1. Your little Vivian´s so cute! Aren´t little girls pretty and she´s becoming a mini-fashionista too. ;)

    Thanks for the follow,have just followed you too! :)

    1. She is THE CUTEST whether I am biased or not. Thanks for stopping by & for the follow too. =)

  2. Replies
    1. You are always so kind Lynne. I have missed you. =)

  3. Aww! I love that you document and celebrate Vivian's birthday every month. A child is such a blessing!

    1. I have to document, celebrate and enjoy her Birthday. She is the GREATEST thing that has ever happened to me. =)

  4. How adorable! She is so precious!!!! Gotta love all the moments you can. The photos are super cute. My little boy is about to be 11 months old and he is 32.5 inches long and 19 pounds. They grow so fast, don't they?

    1. Thank you so much Rebecca. Vivian is 8 months old now. She has a cousin your son's age. They grow up too fast. I'll drop by to see photos of your baby boy. =)

  5. You have one beautiful baby girl!! :) So cute! That cake looks amazing! Yum!


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