Monday, July 22, 2013

Pale Colors and Totally Summery.

Hi. Is it just me or are Sundays a good day to take off from blogging even if you may have time to write and post an outfit or two? I feel like almost everyone else takes either Saturdays or Sundays (mostly Sundays) or both days (of the weekend) off. Though I have tons of never-blogged-before Summer Outfits to show you, yesterday I couldn't find much time to post and when I did have some time to chill, I watched my Favorite TV Shows instead. After all, I have to enjoy them while I am still in the States. And today, I meant to post an outfit early in the morning but the baby woke up late and I took the opportunity to sleep in. And then I took care of the baby and got ready to welcome a friend at home (we had lunch). She stayed over for a few hours, we saw a movie, time went by, evening was spent with the family and before I know "The Bachelorette - Men Tell All" came on.

Speaking of TV Shows any DEXTER Fans out there? I am a huge fan of the show and this is the last season. I am dying to see how it will end. More and more people find out he is a serial killer as each season progresses. Though I will be honest, so far I have been a little underwhelmed by this season. If you watch Dexter let me know what you think of Season 8 so far? =) 

Today's Outfit is super Simple. I have had these Pale Baby Blue Shorts forever (from Abercrombie & Fitch and they still fit!) while the Tank Top is new. I have a ton of Tank Tops and surely didn't need to add one more but I loved the Graphic feel of the Cherries (made out of felt) and it was only 5 bucks so I figured why not. These Sandals are from Gap and were purchased a couple of years ago (I also got a Coral-Red pair) but had never worn them or even remembered about them. My mom mailed them to me earlier this Summer and I am glad she did. Though they don't seem comfy they totally are and they go with so much since they are a Neutral Metallic Gold. I have been wearing lots of Shorts lately so I am making this a Shorts Week, Ladies. =) You can join me if you like.

White Tank Top w/ Cherry Stem sewn in: Pelinki.
Pale Baby Blue, Cotton Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch.
Faux Gold Necklace in Dainty Chain w/ Flower Charm: c/o Parfois (New).
Faux Silver Necklace in Dainty Chain w/ Tiny Rhinestone Heart Charm: Ann Taylor Loft.
3 Light Colored (Orange, Light Green & Hot Pink) Small Hair Claws (for the Bun): A Street Vendor.
Metallic Gold, Patent Leather, Strappy, Lace-up, Thong Sandals: Gap.

Vivian's Outfit:
Yellow Onesie w/ tiny White Polka Dots & Embroided Bunny on the Front: Peter the Rabbit.
Coral+Yellow, Polka Dot, Dragonfly Pin: Etos.
Mellow Yellow, Stripped Rainbow Socks w/ Lace Trim: Carter's.
White+Baby Pink Gingham Mary Jane Ballet Flats: A Local Children's Boutique (New).

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  1. I definitely try to enjoy the weekends and limit my blog time. We all need to recharge our batteries.

    Your cherry tank top is so fun! Perfect for summer. Vivian is so darn cute :)

  2. Yes we watch Dexter! We are an episode behind though, haven't watched this week's yet. I'm not sure yet what I think of this season, I hope Deb eventually comes around and stops spiraling out of control.

    I love your tank top!

    1. Episode 4 was the best thus far though like I said I'm less impressed than usual, we will see.

  3. Great casual look Ada.

  4. Fun casual outfit :) I love Dexter but haven't seen this season yet, we rent it once it's out.

    1. Ohhhh we will talk after you watch Dexter. Thanks for the compliment.


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