Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nice to "Meet and Greet" GINNY.

Hello and Welcome to another Introduction to another Sweet, Newer Blogger. Though to tell you the truth Ginny's Blog needs very little introduction or advertisement on my part, because even though her Blog is about 8 months old or so, it has grown the most out of any new blogs I know. That is first and foremost thankfully to her Awesome Style achieved through some Amazing Thrift Places and other Favorite Stores and secondly it is because of how Nice, Sweet, Genuine & Real Ginny is. Ohhh and besides being such a Popular Blogger, Ginny is also a Cool Mom to Grant and a Stylish Teacher. She also Guest Posted for me back in January, when I took my Maternity Leave when I had My Daughter. And, you have seen many of her Fantastic Looks grace the posts of "Week's Best Looks", in my blog. So, once again welcome Ginny, her Fabulous Sense of Style and let us all "steal" some tips & savvy advise from her. =)

1. Introduce yourself in 2 sentences. Introduce your blog in 2 sentences. Why did you name your blog "My New Favorite Outfit"?
Hi All, I'm Ginny, a mom, wife, teacher, and fashion lover.  I blog over at My New Favorite Outfit, a blog primarily focused on fun, affordable fashion. I named my blog this because back when I started trying to rethink my closet every new outfit I came up with became "My new favorite outfit," so when I started my own blog that name made complete sense.
2. Why did you start your blog & when did you start it?
I started my fun blog back in the fall of 2012 primarily because I was bored with my closet and style.  I was in a rut.  Each day consisted of me staring at my closet for like 20 minutes, then pulling out my "teacher" uniform, which consisted of black pants, a top and cardigan. Everyday. I was so over it and really wanted to feel good about my style again.  Blogging has definitely caused me to look at my wardrobe differently.  This top doesn't HAVE to only go with those pants. (Epiphany!)
3. What is your Every day Work Dress Code?
My dress code at work is casual, but professional.  We can wear jeans on Fridays, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.  I probably dress up more than many of my co-workers, but it's not uncommon to see people in skirts and dresses.  I personally feel better about myself when I look nice. If I wear dumpy clothes you better believe I feel dumpy. 
4. What Colors do you incorporate more in your wardrobe & which ones do you stay away from and why?
I'm definitely not a color discriminator, I pretty much love them all.  I really like to wear blues and greens but if a shirt, skirt, dress, is cute, the color doesn't matter to me. : ) 
5. What are some of your favorite accessories & how do you use/wear them?
I love necklaces and bracelets, specifically ones from Stella and Dot.  I like them so much I actually signed up to be a stylist recently.  I usually pick my outfits first, then go to my jewelry and decide what works with the outfit.  The exception is when I get a new piece of jewelry, then I reverse the order and pick the clothes to go with the necklace/bracelet/whatever.  I LOVE big statement necklaces and arm parties.  I generally wear three-four bracelets each day and am totally bummed if I don't have the right kind to go with an outfit.  As for necklaces, if the top is plain it's easy to spice it up with a bold necklace, if it's a printed top, I try to go a little more subtle with the necklace or add one in that has a coordinating color.
6. What is currently missing from your closet or what do you like to add to your closet & why?
I would love to add some bright colored blazers, I love them but haven't taken the dive to purchase more than the one I have.  It's so on trend right now they're not showing up in thrift stores.  I really need to just go on the hunt when I have a couple of hours and I'm sure I'll be able to find a couple at fair prices.
7. Do you have a Monthly Budget?
I do have a monthly budget to spend as I wish, i.e. clothes, movies with friends, dinner/lunch out with friends, etc.  My husband has the same to spend as he wishes, usually he just buys some hunting thing from Cabelas.
8. What are some of your most favorite stores or brands, including shoes?
I love Loft, Express, Target, and Old Navy.  I'm pretty sure the majority of my clothes come from one of these four places (although many are via Goodwill).
9. What have you yet not done in your blog but you want to? 
I recently read that it's important to bring content to your blog that engages readers.  I really want to work on creating some more of  my take on how to wear specific trends and content that people can apply to their own lives and closets.  Now that it's summer I have some more time to work on this focus.
10. Your blog has grown the most out of many of the newest blogs I have seen. You got close to 500 followers already, Ginny. How do you work into growing your blog?
  • I would say I've kind of gotten into a groove.  I'm more comfortable in front of the camera (although I still only have like five poses), I think this shows through.  I also read some where that it's good to include only 5-6 pictures, as you don't want to overwhelm your readers.  I try to stick to this number.
  • I try to share tidbits about my life daily, as it's not always very interesting to narrate how I picked my outfit of the day.  
  • I participate in Link-ups.  I used to do a couple link ups a day, but that got pretty time consuming, as I really tried to take the time to check out all the girls who linked up.  I started watching my traffic sources through blogger, now only participate in link-ups that generate decent traffic.  When I participate in a link-up and comment on some one's blog I actually take the time to read the post and comment thoughtfully (like you do Ada), as I'd hope someone would do the same for me. 
  •  I take the time to visit every one's blog who visits and thoughtfully comments on mine.  I do NOT take the time to visit people who comment "Wanna follow each other" or "Great post" then spam me with all their social media links.  
  • I have a handful of blogs I follow and visit each day, and I do because they are great people who support me too.  I won't follow a blog long if I comment on their posts and they never take the time to come check out mine so I try to keep this in mind when people are visiting me.
  • I have also done a couple of giveaways, which can be great for exposure, however, I really don't want people to join my blog just to win something, I want them to join because they think my blog's worth reading, make sense?
  • Each day I try to bring good, quality content.  That's what I like to see in other's blogs, so I try to do the same in mine.
11. Below include 7-8 different outfits you have worn so far that you have loved & give some quick explanations for each.
I love this outfit!  I think the color combo is fun and I love the bright skirt and belt along with my new favorite necklace.

Bright colors, yay! I kind of want to wear this every day.  I'm wearing my new favorite necklace in this look again and love it with the white jeans.

This dress was an awesome thrifted find and I have a number of other looks in store for it. This time I styled it with coral and mint, then added the leopard shoes for fun.

When I put this on, I was "like, Whoa!" I love this dress and got it at a Clothing Swap at my church, I love the green blazer with it and actually can't wait to wear this outfit again.

This outfit was one of my first attempts at reworking my closet last fall.  I'd just started reading blogs and was really trying to think of my clothes differently.  I never would have put this cardigan with it before, but totally love how it works!

Here's my take on casual/dressy.  I love this blazer and thought it would be fun to put it with shorts and heels.  I really like this for a summer night with the girls.

Here's a more casual look with white shorts, I love these bad boys and am amazed at how many different ways I can wear them.  If you don't have white shorts, you should definitely find some!
12. What is one last thing you want to say to anyone who reads this?
If you have a blog, make it fun and make it your own! I have and I couldn't be happier. : )

Thanks, Ada, for having me on your blog for the day, and readers, I'd love for you to stop by My New Favorite Outfit and say hi!


  1. Thanks for the feature and for your kind words, you are definitely very sweet and genuine.v:)

    1. You are welcome Ginny. Now, I would like to collaborate again and maybe have my face/blog appear on your blog. Your Interview was great. =) Thanks again.

  2. What a great feature! Ginny has quickly become one of my new favorite blogs to visit. I like Ginny's style because it's very relateable to the everday lady. Nice feature Ada!

    p.s. I don't take offense to you liking the skirt version better than the pants version today :)

    1. She is so Relatable. I couldn't agree more. I prefer 'normal', real-style, every day girls to Street Couture or Runaway Looks or looks that cost more than what I make in a month, much more, anyways.

      P.S. I knew you wouldn't take offense to that.

  3. Yeah for Ginny. Great job both of you ladies!!!!

    Link up tomorrow for my weekly tres-chic fashion thursday link up.


    1. Thanks Agnes. Everyone Loves Ginny's Blog. I will link up. I have already scheduled that post tonight. Not to worry.

  4. Love her style! Thanks for introducing Ginny. I'm so excited your going to linkup with us next Tuesday!! Goodness you mean you have more than 1 closet?

    1. I love her Style as well. I also love your Style. Yes, I am currently living/blogging out of Europe. I have a couple more closets in US over at My Parents' House. =)

  5. Ginny is very sweet and relatable! I love reading these questions and learning more about her! Great feature:)!

    1. Thanks Rita, you are more than welcome to be a Featured Guest for my "Meet & Greet" Feature. I would love to have you. For more contact me at


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