Saturday, June 29, 2013

Denim, Floral and Neon. Plus, Blog Talk and Life.

Saturdays are horrible days for me to blog/share a post, or even read blogs. I have been meaning to write this post since early in the morning, albeit it is very late at night & the Baby just fell asleep (barely). She was being stubborn today and wasn't falling asleep, it took a couple of hours. She is teething so that has something to do with it. On a domestic side of things, I got a lot of cleaning & organizing done today. I am coming to USA very soon (we reserved our tickets, today) so there is a little big of packing involved with that. I only plan on taking Summer clothes for the baby (mostly what she hasn't worn yet) and nothing for me, since a Walking Closet full of clothes is waiting for me to explore, lots of old favorites and new items to re-discover. Of course, I will be doing lots of Shopping there too. Though I have been real bad and blown away my budget both for May & June, especially this month. Case in point, almost everything I am wearing today, and almost everything from my 2 Outfits yesterday, are brand-new items I have purchased this month & you haven't seen all of them yet.

I have seen so many Outfits featuring a Chambray Shirt and/or Dress in Blogland, especially in the last couple of months. But, I didn't (still don't own) a Chambray Shirt. The one you see here is actually a Denim one but the closest thing I have to a Chambray. I thrifted it for 5 Bucks and it is from Esprit. I looked up this exact Shirt online and it is from Fall of last year & retails for $78 so I think I did good. I like the Dark Color & it is a real nice Denim, thick & sturdy. I also own a Chambray-looking Button-Down from Springfield which is the opposite of this, in a very Light Wash & Material. I am still looking to purchase a couple of Chambray Shirts (at least 1 plain & 1 printed) & a Dress. But for now I am loving this one & I had Fun styling it with my new Girly, Chiffon, Green Floral Skirt. The Cognac Belt part of the Skirt is actually the elastic waist with a big Butterfly attached, giving the illusion of a Belt. The Neon Necklace & Bracelet are also New. I have been loving Neon in small doses lately (have added quite a few pieces of Neon Jewelry) and I love a Cute, Notice-me Necklace. This Statement Necklace sure was Beautiful for $10. And, it has been chilly around here lately so the thicker Shirt worked to keep me warm for the evening. Laura & Erin's 4th Week of Trend Spin Link-Up was Chambray, so I am gladly submitting this Fun Outfit to these Super Gorgeous, Super Stylish Ladies. =)

F.Y.I. To say that the next couple of weeks are going to be super busy for me, is quite an understatement. I still have to pack, get ready for a super long flight (with a young baby with me), meet a few people before living & then I will go there exhausted & jet-legged, it will take at least a week to get adjusted to everything. So, I am not sure how daily I will be able to post in this blog. I almost never have time to schedule ahead posts these days, either. Though I do have a couple of Guest Posts alined and I will also continue yesterday's feature with Agnes for our "Moms' Must Have Summer Item" Series. Speaking of that, yesterday's post and the first week of this series was a huge success. I got many compliments on both outfits & not just through the comments, but through my E-Mail, too. So, as much as I like to do "Week's Best Looks", I am not sure I will have a lot of time for it these next few weeks, though we will see. And, on top of that, I have many Outfits un-posted, from what I have worn this month, so I want to share most of them with you. I am sure things will settle down by the end of July. I still plan on visiting my blog & yours as often as I can, during the next couple of weeks. But we all know blogging is time-consuming and for the moment spending time with my family in Albania (before living) is more important. Thank You All for Understanding & Have a Great Weekend!!

Medium-Wash, Denim, Button-Down Shirt w/ Chest Pockets: Esprit (Thrifted; New to my Closet).
Green Floral, Crinkly Chiffon, Girly Skirt w/ Cognac, Butterfly Belt: A Local Boutique (New).
Neon Orange, Neon Yellow & Neon Green, Quadrangle-Stone, Statement Necklace: A Local Boutique (New).
Neon Yellow, Plastic, Stretchy Beaded Bracelet w/ Elephant Charm: A Local Boutique (New).
Neon Orange & Gold Set of 5 Bangle Bracelets: A Local Boutique (New).
Faux Gold Ring w/ Semi-Precious Red-Coral, Square Stone: Banana Republic.
Cognac, Faux Alligator, Peep-Toe Pumps: Nine West.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Mom's Must Have Summer Items Series - Week 1 JEANS.

Hi Everyone and Happy Friday!! Summer has been kicking in high gear for a while now and I'd say it is even more necessary to stay Comfortable while keeping Cool. For the next few Fridays in a row The Beautiful Agnes from Vodka Infused Lemonade and myself will be styling several Summer items of clothing that we think each Mom should own in her closet. =)

This first week we are doing Jeans. Of course, every woman should have at least 2 pairs of well-fitted Jeans, one light wash and one dark wash. But I believe this is even more necessary for a Mom. I decided to show you My Newest Jeans two different ways from Day to Evening. I decided to try a trend that is coming back on Style (from the 80s days) & purchased a pair of Acid Wash Jeans. While they are definitely noticeable, the best part is that they fit so well. And they are like a Straight/Skinny pair Jeans which is my go-to-style when it comes to Jeans.
In the Day Outfit I cuffed my Jeans and paired them with a Girly, Color-block Tee & Electric Blue Jelly Sandals with Neon Circles in the front. I added a Round-Buckle Belt, some Fun, Teardrop, Dangly Earrings (they are very Light), a couple of Fun, Neon Bracelets & a Long Necklace. I even dressed up my Sock Bun with a Silky Scrunchie which ties on the bottom like a Bow. While in the Evening Outfit I left my Jeans Long & Lean, wore the Mint Blouse with Tigers printed on it, an Elegant & Dainty Silver Chain Necklace featuring an Electric Blue Fireball & some Mint, Oval-Shaped, Semi Precious Stone, Post Earrings. I kept the hair in a Sock Bun once again, added in a couple of Fun Glass-Beaded Bracelets and as far as Shoes I wore Heels - Cork Peep-toe Pumps. I also added in an Envelope, Glittery, Faux Snake-skin Clutch. I also want to let you know that almost everything I have on in these 2 outfits is new: the Jeans, the 2 Tops, the Fireball Necklace, the Neon Sandals, the Neon Bracelets, the Ponytail Holder, both pairs of Earrings & the Clutch. So, in a way I am showing off all my New Purchases from June, too. I guess I did a challenge within a challenge and not only did I style my Jeans in 2 ways, I even wore a lot of my June Purchased items. What do you think of each Outfit? Do you prefer the Day or the Evening Look?

Dark-Wash, Acid, Straight-Skinny Jeans: Pelinki (New).
White & Color-blocked, Cap-Sleeve Tee: Koton (New).
Long, Chain Necklace w/ Gray, Sea Pearl Beads: White House Black Market.
Turquoise, Zebra-Print, Light, Dangly Earrings: A Local Boutique (New).
Neon Pink, Circle-Beaded, Plastic Bracelet + Neon Purple, Cone-Beaded, Plastic Bracelet: A Local Boutique (New).
Faux Gold Ring w/ Semi-Precious Red-Coral, Square Stone: Banana Republic.
Brown, Faux Snake-Skin Belt w/ Circle Buckle: The Limited.
Cobalt & Hot Pink, Silky, Ponytail Holder: An Accessories Boutique (New).
Electric Blue, Jelly Sandals w/ Neon Circle Decorations: Simple Shoes (New).

Dark-Wash, Acid, Straight-Skinny Jeans: Pelinki (New).
Mint, 3/4-Sleeve, Silk-Rayon Blouse w/ Black Tiger Print: Mango (New).
Dainty, Thin, Silver Chain Necklace w/ Electric Blue Fireball: A Local Boutique (New).
Mint, Solitaire-Cut, Oval-Shaped Post Earrings w/ Semi Precious Stones: A Local Boutique (New).
Light Peach, Glass-Beaded, Stretchy Bracelet: Bijoux & Accessories (New).
Yellow, Green, Orange & Clear, Glass-Beaded Stretchy Bracelet: Beadz & Bagz.
Faux Gold Ring w/ Semi-Precious Red-Coral, Square Stone: Banana Republic.
Green Peridot & Diamond Ring in a Platinum Setting: Birthday & Mother's Day Gift from Husband.
Gold Metallic & Glittery, Faux Snake-Skin, Envelope Clutch: A Local Boutique (New).
Peep-Toe, Cork w/ Gold Piping, Slingback Stilettos: Payless.

And below is a Sneak Peek of how Agi styled her Boyfriend Jeans for Daytime (Running Errands) & Nighttime (Going Out). To see more, check out Her Post from Today at Vodka Infused Lemonade. Of course, Agi always looks Effortless Chic in her Jeans and other Casual pieces. =)

Day (Running Errands).

Boyfriend Jeans & Tippi Sweater

Evening (Going Out).

Boyfriend Jeans 

F.Y.I. I am hearing everywhere that as of July 1st Google Friend Connect will no longer exist. I love My Readers & Followers and wouldn't want to loose any of you. So I have created a Bloglovin account. Here you have easy directions for how to move all the blogs you follow onto Bloglovin - I did it too, it was easy.  This is the Link to follow me on Bloglovin too - please do. I wouldn't want you to miss out. I promise I got exciting things planned for this Summer and for the rest of this year, including my First Giveaway.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Week's Best Dressed: June 23rd 2013, part 2 - CASUAL.

It is Thursdays, Lovelies. I am doing the 2nd part of Week's Best Looks today, focusing on Casual Styles. Read the 1st Part, which was Dressy Looks. 

You can dress down Dresses, Maxis, Gowns, Trousers, Suits even. You can also dress down Sparkly things, Sequins and even Feathers. Depending on what else you pair with these Dressy Pieces. In this round-up we have lots of Shorts of course but all the Shorts' Looks are kept Girly because of Accessories & Jewelry. We have a few Maxi Dresses/Skirts in the mix and some of these Ladies (including one wearing Pants) feel like they are wearing Pajamas that is how Comfy those pieces are. We have 2 Ladies styling the same Neon Pink Skirt by J.Crew Factory with White on Top & Flats. Of course, since this is Casual week you will see lots of Chambray including a Jumper, as well as a few White Tank Tops & even a one-piece Swimsuit used as a Top. Large, Cozy, Cognac Bags, Totes, Cross-body Bags (2 of them are Hot Pink), Statement Necklaces, Sandals (twice we see the Cognac/Gold Glitter Sandals by Target) and especially Hats are what our Ladies chose to pair these Casual Outfits with. We have 7 Hats today, 5 being Fedora and 2 Panama Styles. The Print of choice is Stripes & the 3 Most Popular Colors would be Mint, Orange & Hot Pink.

In this Casual Feature Edition we have 8 new Ladies never featured before whose blogs I just discovered. Some unique names would be Whitley, Tegan & Callie. We have to Megan(s), 2 Rachel(s) & 2 Jessica(s) today. As usual if you like this post, if you or someone you know is featured here, make sure to spread the word, share the love, link back to this post, be proud about the feature and mention it to your readers. Thank You.

Note: All the looks are Fashions from last week, ending on June 23rd. I think I might do this Weekly Feature broken up in two posts (like I did this week), focusing on Dressy & Casual Styles, separately. It is easier for me to write it/post it that way and easier for you to read too, I think. What do you think? 

Without further ado, here they are, including past Week's Best Dressed who put together several Pretty Outfits, staying true to herself on the Casual side but mixing in some Dressier Outfits too. Also, the other Best Look/Most Favorite Outfit of the week falls under the Casual category yet it is still pretty Dressed up with the Nude Pumps & Chic Tweed Blazer.

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom.
Whitley perfects a Shorts' Outfit and shows us what to wear for Hot Weather while doing some serious Color-blocking. The Wonderful, Gemstone, Statement Necklace & Sparkly Glitter on her Sandals definitely make it Girly & Dressier.
Lynette brags about this Dress she traveled in, because it feels like Pajamas. On top of being Comfortable, it is Girly, Colorful & Stylish too. Love it accessorized with a Light Summer Scarf & a Fedora.
Amanda's Tank Top is actually a Swimsuit. She used a Pretty, Coral, Maxi Skirt as a Cover-up, added a Long, Fun Pendant Necklace & the Most Adorable, Studded Bow Sandals. While her Tribal Tote is Adorbs!
Emily's 1st Outfit combines the Popular Neon Pink Skirt by J.Crew Factory with an Anchor-Print Tee. She added a Skinny Yellow Belt plus Pointy, Bow, Ballet Flats & Clutch both in Beige.
Emily's 2nd Outfit is a Watercolor Romper. The Most Adorable Rosette Headband in Teal, Purple & Orange picks up the Colors of the Romper. She also added the Cutest Beige+Black Sandals.
Megan works the Most Neutral Summer Outfit: Light Chambray Shirt, White Blazer, Black Leggings, White+Silver Bib Necklace, Silver Watch & Cognac Ballet Flats. The Scallop detail on her Shirt is Stunning.
Rachel decided to Dress Down her Beautiful, Orange, Eyelet Dress by Old Navy with Cognac Sandals & Matching Belt. The Dress is too Cute.
(Another) Rachel's Bermuda Peach Shorts look Lovely paired with a Button-Down in a Small Floral, Pastel Print. I am loving them with the Camel Booties.
Victoria's Jeans feature a Large Heart Print in them while the Orange+Hot Pink Blouse has Wide Stripes, making it a Fun & Trendy Pattern-Mixed Outfit. The Coral/Gold Sandals by Dolce Vita & Gold Clutch by HelloFab are Gorgeous.
Jessica's Mint+Floral Crops & Mellow, Yellow Lace Tee are Summery-Cool. Love them with the Cognac/Glitter Target Sandals. She adds Pretty Jewels: Big Roses, Turquoise Necklace, Pave & Chain Bracelets.
Jess wore this Ensemble for a Thursday Dinner for her Bestie's Wedding. The White Lace Skirt is Tres Chic. She dressed it down by un-tucking her Shirt & wearing more Casual Cognac Sandals & Matchy Belt.
Amy's Chambray Jumper is from Forever 21 - how Cute! I adore her Woven, Gold Bag & Colorful Sunnies.
Jenna's 1st Outfit is Adorable, Green, Eyelet Shorts paired with a Black+White Stripped Tee. I Adore the Skinny, Polka Dot, Bow Belt which girlifies the Outfit.
Jenna's 2nd Outfit pairs another pair of Adorable Shorts, this pair is Black Lace, with a Green, Gingham Button-Down, Glittery Gold Belt & Gold/Leopard Sandals.
Tegan also claims that her Gorgeous, Leopard Maxi feels like Pajamas. She tied a Chambray Shirt to it, added Leather Cognac Accessories, pulled her hair back & looked Fab!
Meghan also wears the Neon Pink J.Crew Skirt with a Casual White Tank, Cognac Bag, Cognac+Neon Sandals &  a Bib Necklace so Pretty it features every Color possible.
Nicole pairs White, Mustard & Turquoise creating a Casual, Comfortable & Chic Look. I love her Maxi Skirt, Fedora Hat & Statement Necklace.
Nikki's Blouse features Dogs. She pattern-mixed it with Diamond-Print Cropped Pants, Tortoise Sunglasses & a Skull Bracelet. Love the Chic, Neutral Flats for this. Check Out the Rock on her finger, also.
Callie looks so Lady-like in a Pink+Cobalt Stripped Midi Skirt, Tiered Hot Pink Tee, Silver Sandals with the addition of an Anchor Necklace & Earrings.
Kym does a great job layering her Fun-Print, Hi-lo Dress with a Military Jacket, Masculine Brown Belt, Cognac Boots & Gray Socks.
Amy looked so Pretty in her Pink Shorts that she matched to the Bubble Necklace, worn at a Bridal Shower.
Natalia is Stunning in a Peppermint (or is that Spearmint?) Stripped Dress. Her Gemstone, Flower & Snake Bracelets are all Gorgeous, while her Mary Janes look as if they come from a different era. (Now that I am looking at this Outfit I think it's more Dressy than Casual).
Annie could be a Poster Ad for Free People in this Outfit that is so Relaxed & Cool. Loving the Blousy Top, Fedora, Sandals & all the Sparkly Bracelets.
Sharon's 1st Outfit layers a Casual, Gray Dress with a Tank, Hot Pink Cross-body Bag & a Hat.
Sharon's 2nd Outfit is a Color-blocked Maxi Dress in Coral+Mint featuring pockets. She paired it with a Mint Briolette Necklace & a Tiny, Nude Clutch.
Ashley's Outfit of the Week was this Vintage Red Dress. I love a Good Red Dress & I love a Wrap Dress, this achieves both - so to me it's perfect. She paired it with her go-to Sandals from Old Navy.
Amber has the Nautical Inspiration down, thanks to her Red/White Boat-neck Tee with Stripes, Cobalt+White Floral Shorts, All Star White Sneakers & Cool, Panama Hat.
Natalie is her Cool Bohemian self in these Ombre, Fun-Print Pants from H&M, paired with a simple White Tank, Fringe Bag, Sandals & her Panama Hat which she adores.
Laura shows off her Round Belly in a T-Shirt, Gray Maxi Dress by Free People layered with a Black Cardigan, Thong Sandals, a LV Wallet & a Chic Bun.
Rita wears her Skinny Jeans layered with the longest Sweater Vest in a Bright Mustard Color, adding a Fedora also.

This Week's Best Outfit/Most Favorite Look in the Casual Category is LULU of Simply Lulu Style.
Lulu's Shorts, Tee & Blazer Outfit looks Blue+White at first glance but it actually mixes a lot of different Textures, Patterns & even more Colors as there is Cobalt, Mint, Coral & Hot Pink in the mix. I am loving the Beautiful, Arrow-Print Shorts, the Classic Tweed Blazer, The Fun, "Umbrella" Graphic Tee & that Beautiful White+Silver Bib Necklace. The Tory Burch, Hot Pink, Leather Purse, Tortoise Sunglasses, Gold Watch & Nude Patent Leather Pumps make the Outfit so Rich and Dress it up actually. So I would call this Outfit Casual-Dressy as it fits both categories. She is a Beautiful Mom!

Best Dressed this week is TUNDE of Casual Chic Mom who stayed true to herself on the Casual side but mixed in some Dressier Outfits too. Tunde is the Queen of Casual on the Chic. Her Job allows her to have a Laid-Back Dress Code so you will often see her in Tees, Leggings, Scarves, Tunics and a few Dresses + Skirts for good measure. It looks like this week she had a Pink/White/Coral/Blue Color Palette with mostly Stripes & Polka Dots as her Prints of choice. She mixed in a several White Tee 3 different times and wore her Favorite Nude Flats which are the Gap, Perforated Vachetta Flats.
From Left to Right, Top to Bottom.
A White Tee & a Light Wash Denim Jacket are 2 Casual, every day pieces mixed with a Soft Pink, Chiffon Girly Skirt & the Nude Vachetta Flats, to dress them up.
Some Subtle Print-Mixing on Top keeps this Look Interesting & Girly despite the Black bottom part. Loving the 2-tone Long Necklace & Black Flats with Studded Cap Toes.
Tunde pairs a Chambray-Looking Polka Dot Blazer with a White Tee & Red+White Stripped Pencil Skirt for a Dressier Business Look.
Tunde, once again styles her White Tee & Nude Flats around these Feather-Print Cropped Pants by Rachel Roy.
In this Outfit Tunde mixes in Soft Blues with Brighter ones. Loving the Star-print Tank & the Color-blocked yet Monochrome Flats in 2 different shades of Blue.
This Candy-Colored, Silky Shirtdress is a Beautiful Feminine Piece, once again paired with her Nude Flats. She added in a Wide, Woven Belt despite the drawstring and I prefer it with the Belt.
Tundy Styles this Oversize Tunic with a Multi-Colored, Stripped Scarf adding in her Favorite, Ponte, Skinny Pants by Loft & her Favorite Ballet Flats by Gap, one last time.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Neon, Pastel and Color-block Fun.

This is My Most Favorite Outfit of the moment. Period. It is definitely one of the Best Outfits (in my opinion)  I have put together this year. I Love this Outfit. I wore it on what it seemed like the very first super-hot day of this year's Summer, on a Saturday. I don't know about you, but sometimes I tend to dress up even more on Saturdays. It didn't seem that hot, that is why I put Vivian in tights but I had to take them right off, as soon as we got outside. And we visited Her Great Grandma (well it's my Husband's Great Aunt but he considers her His Grandma) in this. I am wearing My Most Favorite Yellow item of clothing (this Blazer, which is a little Neon-y), one of My Most Favorite Skirts, one of My Most Favorite Tank Tops because it is so Comfy (I own this Mint/Baby Blue Tank in Cobalt as well, worn here) and I added my New, Baby Pink, Peep-Toe Bow, Jelly Flats that I adore & a New Necklace featuring semi-precious stones in this Pastel-Metallic Yellow Color & it has a Beautiful, Silver Fireball, magnetic closure. I kept my hair pulled back in the Sock Bun, which it looks like I have perfected, lately. I also sort of match Vivian in the Colors of her Outfit. How do you like this Outfit? What about Vivian's Dress?

Mint/Baby Blue, Stretchy Cotton Tank Top: Banana Republic.
Lemon/Yellow, Short-Sleeve, Cropped Blazer: The Limited.
Lilac, Sexy Pencil Skirt: London Girl Boutique.
Yellow-Metallic, Semi Precious, Beaded Pearl Necklace w/ Silver Fireball Clasp: Viggos (New).
Baby Pink, Peep-Toe, Jelly Sandals w/ Big Bows: Simple Shoes (New).

Vivian's Outfit:
Mint/Baby Blue Sundress w/ Red Rose Print: Janie & Jack.
Baby Pink, Long-Sleeve Onesie: Jumbo.
Baby Blue/Floral, Cutout Bow Pins: Street Vendor.
White Tights w/ Pink Flowers & Butterflies: Dumbo Kid Boutique.
Off-White, Mary Jane Ballet Flats w/ little Bows: Carter's.

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