Friday, April 26, 2013

Casual Friday in Burnt Orange and Black.

Hi Gals! Welcome to the weekend! Before I get to an OOTD I wanted to let you know a couple of things, First, there is still time for you girls to E-Mail me Outfit Photos of a Birthday Outfit you would Style for my Birthday. I am extending the date that I am expecting pictures, until May 3rd. To all of you who have already E-Mailed them to me - Thank You. And in advance Thank You to everyone who will participate. Don't forget to link back to My Blog on Sunday May 5th - the day I am running the post with all Your Lovely Outfits. And once again the Fun Buttons below.

Secondly, stay tuned for this Weekend's Posts because tomorrow on Saturday I got a Special Post on Vivian & her 3-month update. And then on Sunday I have my regular feature "Week's Best Looks". Interested to see WHO will make it to My Blog on Sunday & with WHAT outfit?

Contact me about this/E-Mail me your Birthday Outfit Pictures at: ada.furxhi(at) Thank You!! Looking forward to seeing your Fabulous Outfits!!

I have a Casual Friday Outfit for you today. Nothing special really but the earrings, headband (one of my favorites) & Bright Yellow Loafers make it somewhat interesting I think. I will not lie though that these Colors - Black & Orange - remind me a bit of Halloween. LOL And, I clearly (not to brag though I am proud to admit it) do not need to wear Maternity Pants but I wore these Comfy Ponte Pants once more before washing them and putting them away... for when I am pregnant again & since I already boxed away all my other Black Pants & started to fill my closet with Warm Weather Clothes. =) I am ready for Spring. Heck, I am ready for Summer - Bring it On!!

Burnt Orange Cardigan: Gruppo Fiori.
Orange & White, Small Floral Print. Scoop-neck Tank: Merona (Target).
Wide-Legged, Comfortable, Ponte, Maternity Black Pants: Oh Baby by Motherhood.
Gold, Leather Headband w/ Skinny Side Bow: J. Crew.
Coral, Circle, Silk, Drop Earrings: Bijoux & Accessories.
Yellow, Soft Leather, Buckled Loafers: Nine West.

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  1. I really like the simplicity of this look and the orange looks great on you! I'm planning to email you a birthday outfit pictures sometime this weekend too :)

    1. Since 2012 I have gravitated a lot towards Orange. This look is simple like I stated as well but interesting enough too.

      I did receive your E-Mail. Thank You. =) I replied back to you.

  2. Great outfit Ada! I really like the colors of your cardigan and printed top, they go together so well. And the pop of bright color from your shoes is a fun addition!

  3. The orange looks great on you!! Very nice pop of pattern.


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