Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Flashback: a Bob, Blue and Casual Layers.

Welcome to another Flashback Friday, Ladies. How is your day going so far? Any plans for the weekend? Today I have not one but two outfits for you. =) These were both from 2007. Early in July of 2007 I chopped off my hair into a cute bob. I actually love a bob haircut and I do think it looks very good on me, but I find it quite high-maintenance as much as I love it on me. Anyway...

The first photo is taken in the afternoon time before we went for a lunch date with my husband to a local, real nice Italian restaurant. The photo was taken in front of our apartment building at the time. (I loved our first apartment as a newlywed couple). I picked a simple, girly & somewhat sexy outfit. I was out on a date with my husband after all. Plus it was very very hot. Every time I can wear a jean skirt, I will wear it. And I own a lot of strapless tops which I do not get to wear enough. The second photo was taken towards the end of October. That beautiful rug behind me belongs to the Shoe Museum in Toronto, Canada. That's where I was, for a weekend, at the time. I must say this is one of my Most Favorite Outfits up to date. I had just started layering and I think I nailed it between the tunic, denim blazer and super cute scarf. Plus this outfit is very much perfect for today in 2013: first I am wearing the color of the moment which is Hunter Green, second I have layered (which is a very stylish thing to do these days) and thirdly I am wearing distressed denim & leggings which are both two trends going strong for 2013. I wish you could see the scarf better. It is quite pretty: white with very thin silver metallic threading (like pinstripes) that go through it.

By the way March 8th is Women's International Day so I want to wish to all of you Ladies in the Blogging Community A HAPPY DAY cause today is a Holiday for us. It is so great being a woman. Especially now that I am a Mom, I feel more privileged and happier than ever. We have the gift of birthing beautiful children, after all. This is definitely the kind of Holiday we celebrate a lot here in Albania. I am expecting a gift from hubby *wink wink*.

Teal, Cotton-Stretch, Ruched & Banded Tube Top: The Limited.
Blue Jean Mini Skirt: Gap.
Pewter-Silver, Bobble, Statement Necklace: The Limited.
Animal-Print, Silver & Black, Cat-Eye Sunglasses: Target.
Olive Green, Wedge, Leather Sandals: Banana Republic.
When: Mid July 2007.
Where: A Lunch Date with My Hubby, in Wixom - Michigan, USA.

Distressed, Blue Jean Blazer: Hot Kiss (Kohls).
Hunter Green, Cotton-Stretch, Ruched Tunic: Express.
Silver Metallic Leggings: Express.
White Linen Scarf w/ Silver Thin Threading: H&M.
Black Pinstriped Little Purse w/ Tulle Pink Rosette: TJ Maxx.
White Leather Ballet Flats w/ Plastic & Silver Rhinestone Decoration: Nine West.
When: Late October 2007.
Where: "The Shoe Museum", Toronto - Ontario, Canada.

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  1. I really like your hair short, it looks super cute!!!

  2. Agreed, you look amazing with short hair like that!

    1. Thank you. I like it too. But like I said I find it hard-maintanance.

  3. Ahh I love you hair this length!! SO cute! :)

    -Jenna Brianne

  4. I love it when style bloggers re-visit earlier style pics. Your bob is so pretty!

    1. I know. I love when bloggers do reviews, too. I love the bob on me as well. Thanks.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks. I agree. Just that I find it hard to maintain, Amy.

  6. Simply fabulous..! Great outfit and perfect example of sunglasses for women.. Loved it..!


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