Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Baby Story: 34 Weeks.

A friend of mine who lives between Albania and United States, gave birth to her Baby Boy named Jon Art, sometime this week. The baby's father is a talented, popular singer here in Albania so I am sure the middle name Art has to do with him. =) She was due 5 weeks before me, actually around/after Christmas but she gave birth to him over a week before her due date. Which means I am that much closer to giving birth myself. It also means once January 15th hits, I should be ready because she might make an earlier appearance, though I hope she grows and decides to debut around the 39th week.

To My Baby Girl:
Oh Mamma's Sweet Girl, you should see all the beautiful clothes, blankets and everything else you received from the States this week. You also got 3 gorgeous little dresses from two of mommy's cousins. I hung them in your closet - which came out beautiful. I did a good job designing it and they did a good job building it. I have already put half of your stuff in there. Your grandparents (my parents) have really spoiled you because you received so many things from them, including your beautiful clothes. My aunts and their daughters have also purchased you beautiful clothes, your stroller and car seat. And one of my aunts has knitted you two gorgeous outfits, complete with accessories and a beautiful blanket. Once we put everything in your closet, I will see what else I might need to get before your arrival. Mommy is very excited and so is daddy. We have mentioned your arrival pretty much each day this week. Time is flying. And since it is Christmas in a few days I wish you A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS little one!! Keep kicking and moving in my belly to let me know you are strong, happy & having a good time in there!!

Mom and Dad send you their unconditional love. I love you Sweet Girl!

How Far Along: 34 weeks (another month left).
Total Weight Gain: 17 lbs or so.
Baby Measurements & Weight: According to the website I am the baby should measure at about 12.8 inches or about 32.5 cm and weigh about 5 lbs. or around 2.25 kg. This last month is crucially important though, because that is when you will have to gain most of your weight and hopefully by the time mamma gives birth to you, you are at least a healthy 7.5 lbs.
Maternity Clothes? Yes. Though yesterday I wore all non-maternity. My one pair of non-maternity skinny pants I wear, have gotten quite tight though so after yesterday I will retire them entirely till she is born. I will rely only on Maternity Pants, Maternity Tops and perhaps other tops/sweaters that still fit, from now on.
Best moment this week: Receiving all of her stuff that my mom shipped. I was like a kid in the Candy Store looking at all those gorgeous things. There are such gorgeous baby clothes nowadays, definitely not what I had 3 decades ago as a baby. I cannot wait to get her dressed each day and I am sure she would have loved her clothes, as well as her blankets, dolls, stuffed toys, swinger and everything else she received this week. She is ONE VERY LUCKY GIRL!!
Miss Anything? Sleeping has been better this week. I have been able to go back to sleep after waking up nightly to pee. I also sleep longer hours - thank God cause I will need it. I do miss bending down normally or at ease.
Movement: Yes, DAILY. Especially when she and I are hungry and at night. She is a little night owl. LOL
Food Cravings: I don't crave anything in particularly lately though I have gotten sort of a sweet tooth - which was pretty much missing through this pregnancy. Chocolate usually sounds real good.
Anything making you queasy or sick? No.
Gender: Girly Girl - yes she will be.
Belly button in or out? I just lifted my shirt to see it. It is definitely more out than it has ever been, not a complete outtie though.
Wedding rings on or off? On but loose usually.
Happy or Moody most of the time: In general this week I have been real happy. I celebrate her kicks and moves daily.
Looking forward to: My next ultra-sound, I should have within a week or so. I cannot wait to hear her heartbeats and to see what she measures at.