Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hot Pink Bat-Wing!

I cannot believe it is Wednesday already. My work day has just started (I work 2.00-10.00 today) so I am not looking forward to that. But a couple more weeks of work and then I will get a couple of weeks of relaxing, sleeping and getting ready for the Baby Girl. I cannot believe how these last few weeks are flying. Before I know it, she will be here. WOW!! What are up to this Wednesday? Are you linking up to any Fashion Parties? That is another reason why I look forward to Wednesdays because they are not just Hump Days (LOL), they are Fashion/Wardrobe days in the blogging world.
Today I am wearing a Cable-Knit Hot Pink Sweater with My Dressy Maternity Pants and a gingham scarf in Navy & White. I kept things simple but I was still put together, I think. The sweater is one of those loose styles with the batwing sleeves. I own a few sweaters in this style and during these last months of Pregnancy I have worn them a few times. I think they will be good the first months after I give birth, as well. =)

Hot Pink, Boat-Neck, 3/4-Sleeve Sweater: American Eagle.
Dressy, Gray Maternity Pants: Oh Baby by Motherhood.
Navy & White Gingham Scarf: Terra Nova.
Ivory/Blush, Sea Pearl Stud Earrings: A Boutique in Tirana.
Black & Silver-Studded Hair Clasp: Bijoux & Accessories.
Dark Brown, Leather Suede Purse: Old Navy.
Olive-Green, Patent Leather, Tennis Shoes w/ Laces: Simple Shoes.
P.S. I am linking up today with these Fabulous Ladies: Melaina, Lindsey & Shanna. I am also linking up with Alison since she is doing a "Sweater Fest" today. Check out what they are wearing as well as the other ladies linked up. =)