Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Day of Silence and Support.

Today, many bloggers around the country are joining hands and hearts for a day of silence to pay respects and show condolences for the Newtown tragedy. I figured I should do the same. I spoke a little bit about this tragedy here so read my thoughts on it.

An entire nation was hurt and terrified due to the tragedy that happened on Friday December 14th in Newton, Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I am sure all the kids, teachers, tutors, principles and workers of that school as well as their parents and families, the neighborhood of the school and that entire community was shaken to the core and they will never forget this awful tragedy. Despite me being thousands of miles away as I now live in Europe, not in US, as a human being first and foremost, as a woman, as a mom-to-be (soon), and as an American, I was very shaken up, disturbed and hurt by this tragic event that claimed 26 lives. It is like a little piece of my heart was broken & shattered in parts by what occured that unfortunate Friday. Listening to President Obama's speech also brought me to tears. He really does care about our nation, but truth be told there should be tougher gun control laws and tougher laws in general about entering a school. Every visitor should be checked thoroughly.

So today I take a vow of Silence and Support in Honor of those innocent little children and those amazing ladies (who were their teachers) whose lives were interrupted abruptly. I also take this Day of Silence away from my normal blogging, for the other children and educators of this school who will never be the same after this tragedy. It is easy and cliche to say that Life Goes On. Yes life will go on, but for those families who experienced these losses, life will go on without their children, brothers, sisters, cousins, wives, etc.

Love is a beautiful thing. We see it every day. We call it by a certain name (mom, dad, son, daughter, brother, sister, cousin, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, etc.) We kiss it. We hug it. We adore it. We worship it. So, especially now during the Holiday Season let us all be more gentle and remind ourselves that love, tenderness and care are around us, and in our hearts. Let hate, anger, murders and crimes be a thing of the past! Amen!