Monday, December 17, 2012

Vibrant and Visible, Stripey Monday.

Hello and Happy Monday!! After the weekend we had, we can all use some Joy, Happiness, Love, Laughter and Hugs this week. The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary took all of us by a surprise. It was awful and cruel to say the least. In honor of those little, innocent angels and young, brave souls that lost their lives, I am keeping a Vow of Silence tomorrow. I hope you can join me too. However today is business as usual so I bring you a Brand-New Outfit for this Visible Monday. =)

Those of you who read me regularly know by now that I love a Sweater Dress. Even more I love a Sweet Deal. This dress covers both because it is a sweater dress - truly colorful, beautiful and in a unique length I must add - and the best part, I got it for less than 15 bucks (I do not remember the exact price) at Old Navy, sometime last year in October. Every time I wear it, I get compliments on it. I also have its Black & White Stripped version (with thinner stripes). I wasn't sure about the length of these dresses at first, as they fall about 6 inches below my knees, but I got used to the length and with nude tights, it actually looks quite good and lean and makes your legs look longer. I added my new, long and very cheap Faux Pearl Necklace and real Sea Pearl Studs and I think I was cute & girly to go to work, that day. =) Your thoughts?

Multi-Colored, Stripped, Long, Sweater Dress: Old Navy.
Long, White, Faux Pearl Necklace: Street Vendor in Tirana.
Ivory/Blush, Sea Pearl Stud Earrings: A Boutique in Tirana.
Silver Ring w/ Long Oval-Shaped Orange Stone: Kohl's.
Patent Leather Black Skinny Headband w/ Ivory Bow: The Limited.
Thick, Wool, Beige Tights: Golden Point.
Black, Suede Oxford Shoes: Forever 21.
P.S. Linking up with Carly, Molly, Jill & Patti for their Monday Parties. =)