Friday, December 7, 2012

My Baby Story: 32 Weeks.

This week also went by super fast. One week of December already in. Usually December seems the fastest month of the year for me. I hope it isn't, since I want to treasure every single moment and day I have her in my stomach to the maximum. =) Plus, I love December because it is the Holidays and I like the festive atmosphere, decorated trees, garlands, lights, hot cocoa and Christmas music around me.

To My Baby Girl:
Baby Girl, you have been tossing and turning a ton this week, it's like you are a little dancer. As much as it pains me to know you are not very comfortable (moving this much) since it is a small area there, at the same time I know you are growing up each day, getting bigger, stronger, healthier. So you moving a lot, is a good thing. I also know that feeling all those moves & kicks means you are healthy & strong and just being a baby. I guess I should get used to them since as the next few weeks will go by, you will get bigger and the space around you will seem smaller. I put up the tree a couple of days ago with you in mind. You already have some ornaments I purchased for you and YOU ALONE (candy & cupcake ornaments). The tree this year is White with splashes of Pink because IT'S A GIRL, YOU ARE A GIRL!! I purchased all new everything. Yes I spent quite a bit on them but since this tree and this Christmas, we are only thinking of you, I thought it was fit to buy brand-new ornaments because you will be New in our lives and the best gift any Christmas, any New Year's and any Holiday combined could bring us. I think the tree came out gorgeous and you would love it. You will get to see it in photos, one day.

I love you my little cupcake, Mamma's Sweetheart!!

How Far Along: 32  weeks (give or take 8 months).
Total Weight Gain: I haven't weighed myself this week. Maybe I have gained a pound or two from last time.
Stretch Marks? I am maybe noticing one going the long way (vertically). But more than a typical wrinkly stretch mark I think it is just my skin all stretched out to hold all the weight I have gained. I keep forgetting to apply Almond Oil. I need to start applying daily from now till at least a month after giving birth.
Maternity Clothes? Yes, of course. I have been wearing maternity pants, tops & my Maternity skirt this week. However yesterday I was wearing my Non-Maternity Skinny Corduroys that still fit me very well, actually they are a little loose on the waist (low waist). And today I am wearing a very comfortable, loose, Non-Maternity, Empire-Waist Dress.

Best moment this week: Every moment is the best as long as I know she keeps growing in my belly. =)
Miss Anything?  Certain foods especially typical Junk (American) food, as well as Chinese food & Mexican food. I never ate any of these that much, but now I am craving them.
Movement: Yes,  several times a day. Especially when I get hungry, while or after eating and late at night before I go to sleep.
Food Cravings: Like I said I have been craving junk food lately. But I have also craved classic, traditional Albanian dishes with either Beef or Lamb. I have enjoyed some classic Albanian dishes this week, though.
Anything making you queasy or sick? No.
Gender: A Little Princess.
Belly button in or out? Half-way in, getting more out.
Wedding rings on or off? On but loose. I keep it on my middle finger, usually.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy in general, but I am starting to get a little nervous & scared because she will be here SOON!
Looking forward to: Receiving a packiage of goods from one of my best friends, some of it is stuff from her own daughter who is now 11 months old, and some of it is brand-new, purchased for my baby girl.

Pastely Chiffon and Pencil Skirt.

Finally, the sun is shining this morning though it is still cold. At least it is not raining. Yesterday it was colder. Rain was mixed with wind and the windchill was quite high. Since I have worn pants all week this week, I think I am going to wear a dress for work today. I even put my outfit out from last night. I think it will come out great since I am mixing some Fall colors.

Today I bring you a simple outfit featuring my only Maternity Skirt with a couple of Pastel colors on top. I paired the little orange-print floral shell (which has been a great addition to my wardrobe while pregnant - Thanks Mom) with a girly, Baby Pink Cardigan featuring cute chiffon ruffles. My earrings are pastel too. They are plastic studs: Ivory w/ Light Orange Polka Dots. So between my tank and my earrings there is a little pattern mixing going. =) Wishing you all a Fantastic & Relaxing Friday. It's the WEEKEND!!

Baby-Pink, 3/4-Sleeve Cardigan w/ Chiffon Ruffle Trim Across the Front: The Limited.
Orange & White, Small Floral Print, Scoop-neck Tank: Merona (Target).
Maternity, Black Pencil Skirt: Liz Lange Maternity.
Small Circle Ivory Stud Earrings w/ Orange Polka Dots: Street Vendor in Tirana.
Silver Ring w/ Long Oval-Shaped Orange Stone: Kohl's.
Dark Brown Leather Suede Purse: Old Navy.
Thick, Wool, Beige Tights: Golden Point.
Soft, Dusty Pink, Suede Moccasin Shoes: Payless.