Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Torquoise in Floral and Plaid.

Good Morning All and Happy Hump Day!! I went to bed kind of late last night (considering I had to wake up real early this morning). As if that wasn't enough, I was awake at least an hour & a half before the alarm clock. Then I started kissing my husband and I woke him up, too. Of course then around 6.30 AM I was super sleepy once again - story of my life. My sleep life has been awful the last month or so. Well, I had laid out an outfit from last night - something I only do every now and then. I made a couple of changes to it from the waist down (switched the boots and added knee-high socks) and even-though I had turned on the heat for half an hour before leaving my bed, it was still real cold in the house -- which made it harder to get up. Don't you hate it when it is one of those mornings?

Happy to report, now a few hours later I am not feeling sleepy and that I am warm in my layered outfit & blazer. Also, I cannot wait to get home today (I switched shifts just so I could be home in late afternoon/evening time). First, we have our custom-made dresser (we built up for our little girl) coming in & being put up today, so I wanted to be home for that. And then, after my husband opened up the tree (so I don't have to bend down and get tired too much) I plan on decorating it today. Since this is my first Christmas that I am pregnant and since I am expecting a little girl (coming in January 2013), I am dedicating this year's Christmas tree 100% to her and I even purchased some special girly ornaments just for her, to put up in our tree. She will completely change our lives and I am so excited as is the happy father. =)

To bring some brightness & color to this rainy, cold day, I present you with a very cozy, layered, cold-weather outfit that is punched up by Turquoise. I love this vivid top, it is a very comfortable cotton stretch with a little cowl-neck & both the color as well as the floral motif, matches the earrings, too. I did a little pattern mixing too between the florals & the plaid (scarf). I must say the best thing my mom bought for me, during my pregnancy is this cardigan with a tie belt. I think I can definitely use it as a long, layering cardigan even when I am not pregnant. I like the simple but cute button detail on the sleeves, too. And I like it that it is between a black & a gray.

Sorry, this was a lengthy worded post today. Thank you for reading. Thanks to all of you who follow me, read my stories, keep up with my baby updates, compliment me, etc. Happy Wednesday, Happy Hump Day!!

Turqouise & White Floral, Light Cotton, Sleeveless, Cowl-neck Shell: Liz Lange Maternity.
Charcoal Gray, 3/4-Sleeve Maternity Flyaway Cardigan: Oh Baby, by Motherhood.
Black, Stretchy, Skinny Corduroy Pants: White House Black Market.
Gray, Sky Blue & Turquoise, Linen-Blend, Plaid Scarf: A Scarf Boutique.
Flower-Shaped, Turquoise, Stud Earrings: Parfois.
Black Silk Headband w/ an Oval Beaded Pattern: New York & Company (NY&Co).
Brown, Soft Leather, Slouchy Boots: Diba.
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