Friday, November 16, 2012

Fashion Fall Colors Challenge 2012: MUSTARD!!

Thursday's Fall Color was Mustard - a color I love, actually. From what I recall, I own a few mustard tees, one or two mustard blouses, a couple of cardigans, a dress that is partially mustard, a pair of mustard loafers, too. I still need to add some mustard skinnies and a pencil skirt, too. I lately acquired some mustard tights & knee-high socks as well. I do apologize for having a very similar outfit like the last two days of my challenge but it wasn't intentional. Yesterday was so cold, gray & rainy around here, so from the waist down I am doing a repeat of Wednesday's Pumpkin day. I had originally planned to wear a wool brown skirt with brown boots and my mustard knee-high socks, and keep the same tops as here (minus the scarf). But when I woke up, saw the weather and knowing how muddy and nasty Tirana gets on heavy rain days, I didn't feel like wearing what I had originally planned.

So you get my comfortable black riding boots, black cords, a bright yellow/mustard, sequined shell and my long, cute mustard cardigan, plus a baby pink scarf which was not just added for interest, but for warmth as well. I had never thought of pairing Mustard with Baby Pink before but I am liking it here. ;-) The one real strong, bright, bold color contrasts well with the soft, pastel, light color. My favorite item here is this beautiful cardigan. Besides being in a color I love and having pockets which is a detail I love, it is also super comfortable and quite stylish, featuring elegant military detail with the button detail on the shoulders. I wish Martin & Osa was still around because their clothing really appealed to me. Last but not least, I do apologize about my hair and tired look but this was after a 10-hour work day and on top of that, I was fighting a cold and sneezing, yesterday. =(

Yellow Mustard, Crewneck, Cotton Tee w/ Sequins Down Front: Gap.
Lemon-Mustard Long Cardigan w/ Pockets & Military Detail: Martin & Osa.
Black, Stretchy, Skinny Corduroy Pants: White House Black Market.
Plastic, Yellow, Circle, Post Earrings: Fred's Jewelry.
Oval-linked, Stretchy, Silver Bracelet: The Limited.
Silver Ring w/ Long Oval-Shaped Orange Stone: Kohl's.
Black, Leather Boots: Impo.
This was Round 3 of the Challenge for this week: Thursday, November 15th. As you can tell out of all these colors today the color was MUSTARD.

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