Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gray Cable-knit Dress Mixed with Purple.

I woke up to torrential rain today. It was pouring hard, real hard. It is not currently raining but it looks like it could, any time. So I think I will dress comfortably and layer today. Also, it will be another hectic day at work because we are being audited and doing inventary so for all of you who have dealt with this before, you know it is a long, detailed, boring, frustrating process, especially if you are dealing with thousands of articles. Anyway. I am happy Barack Obama won a second term of Presidency. If you would have asked me a year ago, I wasn't sure he would win. But then when it came down to him and Romney, I thought for sure he was the right choice and would be the clear winner. I am not sure by what percentage he won by, but it doesn't matter. I think America still needs him. But at the same time he still needs to do a lot of positive changes to United States.

I love sweater dresses and this is one of my favorite ones. I bought it a year ago (last Fall) at one of my favorite stores The Limited. That day I purchased 3 sweater dresses from there. I love the cable-knit top of it. This dress is fitted for the most part but the kimono-style sleeves make it a little bit more unique. I added one of my favorite new necklaces with this dress. It is a medallion featuring a gold snake inside a dark purple calfskin background. I purchased these bracelets to go particularly with this necklace, they are also purple/plum and gold. My ballet flats are also purple & gray. Funny store about this necklace. This first time I wore it, I scared this girl I work with. She has a phobia of snakes. Apparently it is a big scare even if they are fake and belong on a necklace. Every time I passed by her, I had to turn the medallion backwards so she wouldn't see it. Funny, I know.

Short-Sleeve, Medium-Gray Sweater Dress w/ Cable-Knit Crochet on Top: The Limited.
Long, Leather Rope & Chain Gold/Purple Necklace w/ Snake Medallion: Parfois (New).
Purple & Plum (w/ Gold Metallic) Stretchy, Beaded Bracelets: Parfois (New).
Small, Silver, Bird, Drop Earrings: Parfois.
Faux Alligator Leather Gray Ballet Flats w/ Purple Peep-Toes & Skinny Bows: Old Navy.
P.S. I am linking this to Pleated Poppy for her WHAT I WORE WEDNESDAY Edition. =)