Monday, October 15, 2012

Turquoise Punched with Red!

Hello All. It is Monday and I have the Monday Blues (even wearing them). Hahahahaaa. It is not too bad, just that as soon as I got to work, my hands were full, literally and figuratively. I have a ton to do today. We have to set our conference room ready for early tomorrow morning. We have a large conference for LG (Life is Good products) both tomorrow & Wednesday. The room is set up as a classroom. Our poor employees (who are all girls) had to set it up. I felt bad for them.

Anyway, I love the bright Turquoise tops in this photo. They are both from Express and even-though they are not a twin-set, I bought them to wear together as a set. The ribbed, stripped tank is stretchy but I had no clue it would stretch out this much over my belly. I added another bright color (with Red Loafers) and I must say I definitely look visible today. Perfect for Visible Mondays with which I am linking this Monday. =)

(Haha, that shadow behind the door is My Husband, trying to enter in. He didn't mean to be in my pic LOL.)
Turqouise & Gray-Striped, Stretchy, Cotton Tank Top: Express.
Breezy, Light Cotton, Turquoise, Flyaway Cardigan: Express.
Pinstripped, Black, Cropped Pants w/ Button Detail On the Outter Bottom Side: The Limited.
Long, Multi-Colored, Rainbow, Beaded Necklace: Charlotte Russe.
Red & White-Trimmed, Leather Loafers: Micci's.