Thursday, September 13, 2012

Floral, Flirty and Fun!

Hello all. This one today is a post later on during the day but I have been quite busy at work. Better late than never. Plus it's only 3.05 PM with Eastern (US) time, so that's not too bad. As I am writing this, I have Whitney Houston's best hits playing on the background. What a phenomenal voice she had. The world lost a great star and a fantastic singer, this year, with her passing. It is unfortunate how so many artists die so young.

Now, on to something cute, colorful and what the purpose of this blog is - what I wear - that would be my dress, today. I love this dress. Love it's flowy, empire waist style with a little kimono-inspired collar going on. I love all the fabulous colors in it too, especially the blues. And as if the painted floral pattern on the dress wasn't enough, I added big flower-bud sandals to pair it with. I added these sandals in my closet a few weeks ago but I have already worn them quite a few times, including at work and on my vacation last week. The sandals' flowers are not only large and cheerful, they are also sort of an origami style with all the fun folding. Once again, it was and still has been very hot so I went makeup-free and very bare with jewelry. But I think my smile, my happiness because of my little bundle of joy, and my little bump, add glow to this outfit. =)

Floral "Painted", Blue-Mix Colorful, Empire-Waist, High-Collar Dress: The Limited.
Black, Jet Stone, Glass-Beaded, Dangly Earrings w/ Silver Accents: White House Black Market.
Golden-Beige Plastic Hair Claw w/ Silver Rhinestone "Chanel" Logo: Chanel.
Orange, Big Origami Flower, Thong Sandals: Purchased at a Shoe Boutique in Tirana (Made in Greece).
P.S. I am linking this outfit today, with a Fun Dress Theme Sheila is doing on her page. This is DEFINITELY NOT a Dress of Horrors, but the theme doesn't have to be literal. I think it means for you to showcase, a fun, lovely, WOW Dress and I think today's dress fits the bill.