Friday, May 25, 2012

A-Line, Embroided Tights and a Ruffled Halter Top.

I am not sure how I feel about this outfit now that I see the photos but the day I wore it I felt like a Grown-Up, Stylish Ballerina so maybe I should go with my first instinct on this one. =)) Also, My red lipstick had run below the lip line on my bottom lip. I work with a bunch of females, they should have said something about my lipstick. I am not really liking it on these photos. I love the berry-red color yes, but not my Monkey-Looking Lips. I do not have fat lips. Anyways, what's your verdict on this outfit? Overall I think it looks good. Maybe a Crew-neck Brown or Teal Cardigan (as opposed to this V-Neck Cardi) would have worked better over this gorgeous ruffled top. Let me say though how much I love these flower-embroided tights. =)

Silk, Emerald-Green, Ruffled, "Bib" Halter Top: The Limited.
Brown Cardigan: H&M.
Cognac, A-line, "Ballerina" Skirt: The Limited.
Brown Stretchy Belt w/ Silver "Hook Buckle": Piazza Italia.
Drop Earrings, Featuring a Large, "Heart Shapped" Yellow Stone: Fred's Jewelry.
Gold O-Ring, Ponytail Holder: The Limited.
Brown Tights Embroided w/ Brown, Cognac, Gold & Maroon Flowers: Pompea.
Brown  Ballerina Flat-Wedges w/ Bows: Dollhouse.

Modern Argyle and Colored Tights.

Hi there and Welcome Friday! This Friday I woke up, the sun was shining, the day was bright, the sky was clear and it was warm, hot even. Fast-forward now, 8+ hours later and it has been raining for close to 2 hours, but before it started raining, the sky got into this really dark charcoal gray color, cool to look at, at least. And why does it always have to rain when I get my hair styled/blow-dryed professionally? I was at the hairdresser today, freshening my roots (I colored them) and my eyebrows. I always feel at least 5 pounds lighter every time I color or cut my hair. No cut today, but a little color refresher, and having the hairdresser wash, dry & style my hair, made me feel a lot prettier when I left there, even-though I was wearing gym capris, a tee and not a dot of makeup.

Anyway, I leave you below with a simple outfit, made up mostly of neutral dark colors (black, navy & gray). But a pair of colored tights always brighten up a black+white sweater. The desk you see on these photos is my desk in case you were wondering. My office is separated from the other larger office that my two other co-workers share together (they each have their own desk and closet, too).

Black, White & Heather Gray, Merino Wool, Modern Argyle Sweater: Club Monaco.
White, Stretchy Nylon Tank (Under the Sweater): The Limited.
Navy, Tweed Metallic Pencil Skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT.
Solid Teal Tights: Forever 21.
Faux Suede, Flat, Navy Booties: Forever 21.