Thursday, May 3, 2012

100th Post Celebration: Focus on Elegance!!!

Hello and Happy Thursday!! Today is another gorgeous, bright, sunny, happy day (despite the fact that I lost a tooth: yep that just happened.) I had a loose tooth (towards the back of my mouth) for a while now and it finally got lost altogether, while I was chewing today. It doesn't look bad at all since my other teeth hide it (it's the 1st tooth before the last one) but at some point I am going to have to replace it. Thank God dentists don't cost an arm and a leg in Albania, like they do in USA, but they are still a little pricey. However, May (the mere 3 days of it) has already been a super-expensive month for us. We are paying a lot more money for our new home and we had to purchase some house stuff. Plus I want to treat myself to somethings for my birthday (my list is a little long, but I have chosen to focus on brightly-colored bottoms for this month and make those my birthday present to myself). Plus it's my husband's birthday on Sunday and I am treating him to a nice dinner/lunch so this will already be a super expensive month. The tooth can wait for now, it is not an emergency. I can barely even notice it, unless I open my mouth completely wide.

Anyway, this is a special post because it is MY 100TH Post so Happy Blogging to me!! J I have never celebrated a Blog Birthday, this is a first. Technically I have had this blog for two years now. But when I created it, I mostly wanted to be able to follow and comment on other blogs/bloggers. I tried to keep it up for close to a year and a half but the timing was never right so my posts were seldom and minimal. Plus 2011 was a crazy year for me as I knew I was about to make a huge, drastic change in my life, towards the end of the year. The last thing I had time for, was blogging. However, I did do a lot of reading and followed and commented a lot of my favorite blogs. Finally by December of last year I was ready to give my own blog the time and satisfaction it deserved. Unfortunately towards the middle of February this year, my computer broke and it stayed like that for about 7 weeks. So I have a ton of outfits from February and March and some from April that never appeared in this blog. Since this is my "Fashion Home", this is my blog, despite the weather changing and the winter season leaving us behind, at some point I will post all of the outfits I wore Feb-April. After all I am here to stay for good this time. I am here to share my fashion tragedies and triumphs, my bad days and my good days, my poor outfits and my successful outfits. I am here to learn from you all. Be complimented and critiqued at the same time. I am here to take the constructive criticism and run with it!! So bare with me while I seriously take this style journey (for good this time). For those of you who have "only discovered me" in the last 3 months or so, I say go check my archives. In my earlier posts, I grouped a bunch of outfits together. They will give you a better sence of who I am and what my style is like.

For today's blog, since it's my 100th post and all I decided to show you this outfit which defines both my style and the name of my blog: Elegance Personified. I am even carrying a couple of editions of the Albanian Fashion Magazine "Elegance". Also, this is the example of an outfit who is simple but chic, fashion-forward and on trend, classy and sophisticated. I think every girl should own at least 4-5 pencil skirts and 3-4 bow-tie blouses in her closet. I happen to love both these styles (of skirts and tops) and I own several of my own. This particular skirt is very classic and chic. One can never go wrong by color-blocking black and camel or black and tan. I purchased it in late February for 60% off the original price. I also love the material of this skirt: ponte. It is one of my most favorite fabrics, since it is pretty thick, it stays good on the body and it barely wrinkles. And this leopard-print blouse is one of my most favorite silk blouses. I own several 100% silk tops from bebe and this one is one of my favorites from them. Plus leopard is always on trend and as far as I am concerned it will always be a staple. I consider it a neutral at this point.

I am sorry for this very lengthy post but I had to do it. Last but not least I WANT TO THANK ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE STOOD BY ME FROM THE VERY BEGGINING, AS WELL TO YOU WHO HAVE ONLY STARTED READING ME FROM THE LAST COUPLE OF MONTHS OR SO. It is true that I love to shop. I love pencil skirts, dresses, colored bottoms, necklaces, earrings, jeans, pretty shoes, etc. etc. like most girls. But without you, I would feel a little discouraged to post my OOTDs, my ideas, my wish lists and my wishful shopping, random facts, brain dumps, etc, etc. So Thank You All!! 2012 has been a great year to blog for me and I promise this is just the beggining. I wanted you to spread your word about my blog, because I always welcome new readers and new followers! 

3/4 Sleeve, Puffy-Sleeve, Bow-Tie, Button-Down, Silk, Leopard Blouse: Bebe.
Black Stretchy Nylon Camisole w/ Lace Trim (Peeking from Under the Blouse): White House Black Market.
Black & Camel, Color-Block, Ponte, Pencil Skirt: Koton.
Black, Sparkly, Circle Studs: Piazza Italia.
Leopard Suede Flats: Nine West.