Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Silk Scarf that POPS!!

Hi girlies. Today is May 1st which marks a new month. And there are officially only 2/3rds of the year left. Can you believe it? I have no idea where 4 months have gone by so far but May is my favorite month and My Birthday (and My Husband's Birthday) may or may not have something to do with it. =P

Anyways, I am keeping this short and sweet today due to time restraints and it is late (almost 11.00 PM). It has been a good and progressive day. So here is a sweet and simple look for you with a belted-in scarf. =) And yes I did wear a dress today and yes I keep on wearing a dress tomorrow AND every single day this week!!


Black Cardigan: Express.
Black, Scoop-Neck, Long-Sleeve, Nylon Stretch T-Shirt: White House Black Market.
Black, Leather, Skinny Belt: Banana Republic.
Thick, Black Leggings: White House Black Market.
Red & White Tulip-Print, Silk Scarf: Made in Italy.
Silver Chain Necklace w/ a White Pearls & Silver Rhinestones "Grape" Pendant: Fred's Jewelry. 
Silver, Sparkly, Globe Drop Earrings: Fred's Jewelry.
Black, Leather Boots: Impo.