Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Black and White; Masculine and Feminine.

Sometimes, a girl has to feel and look sassy, elegant and a little masculine, yet keep her girly self in check. I think this outfit achieved the above. I like the fact that it is the Classic Black+White combo. The houndstooth cropped pants are sort of masculine and make me feel strong every time I wear them. I decided to wear them with Oxfords because every time I see these pants, oxford shoes, loafers or moccasins is what I picture with them. While that's where the masculine part of this outfit ends,... the off-white cardigan with the beautiful embellished black flowers is nothing less than girly, pretty & dainty. As is my black, rosette-trimmed headband. =)

3/4 Sleeve, Ivory Cardigan w/ Black Embellished Flower Detail & Black Ribbon Trim (Around the Collar): White House Black Market.
Black, Stretchy, Nylon Tank Top (Under the Cardi): White House Black Market.
Black & White, (Small) Houndstooth-Print, Cropped Pants w/ Button Details on the Waist: The Limited.
Black Headband w/ Large and Smaller Tulle Rosettes (Off to the Side): The Limited.
Black Rhinestone, Square, Stud Earrings: White House Black Market.
Black Leather, Braided Bracelet w/ Silver Clasp (Left Hand): Parfois.
Black, Trouser Socks: Payless.
Black & Dark Blue, Patent Leather Oxford Shoes: Simple Shoes.

Wonderful Wednesday!! April 18th 2012.

Hello Fashionable Girls, how are you? How is the weather in your end of the world? It has been raining A TON here, especially lately. It has been a rainy April as a matter of fact. But that hasn't stopped me from looking cute, and wearing my cute skirts. Today is a perfect example of that. ;-) So, the past week hasn't been that exciting or anything but here are a few things I am Thankful for this Wednesday. =)

*It was My Beautiful Mom's Birthday last Saturday. This is the only birthday of hers I have been far and away from her, and I felt her absence even more, as a matter of fact. That didn't stop me from sending her a beautiful wish and from talking to her on the phone for a while. I love her dearly. She is A GREAT MOTHER and I AM SUPER LUCKY for her.

*My brother is off from work this week (he lives with my parents in USA). This will give me a chance to catch up more with him on the phone & Skyping. Also, since he is off, he and my mom are preparing a big packiage for me, of things I need and want that I left behind. But it will feel like gifts, because none of those things are used or worn before. Plus, they are buying me a couple of new things.

*I am 15 days away from my birthday (not counting today). Birthdays make me happy and even-though I probably won't buy as much as I like, I can't wait to give myself a few Birthday Treats and to be treated great, as well. =)

*It has been a couple of relaxing days of work for me these last 2-3 days. I have a nice boss (for the most part LOL) and he has been turning on great Youtube Music for us lately. This makes the days go by quicker and I don't know about you but I work better and I feel both more energized and more motivated when I have music on.

*I will have an outfit post later today and plan on having an OOTD every day this week. This is a type of achievement for me, because life gets in the way of me committing daily, 100% to this blog.

Happy Hump Day!!