Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday!! April 4th 2012.

Technically I started typing this last night (when it was still Wednesday) but I had to stop abruptly due to some late-evening plans.

So here are 7 Reasons I am happy for this past week:

*I went out last night (as in Wednesday night) to a place I had never been before, with a new but dear friend. We had a good time despite the fact that they didn't have any wine or margarita. We settled for Tonic Water with Fresh Lemon squeezed in it.

*I got to talk to both my parents and my brother on Tuesday. We chit-chatted over the phone for a long while. All three of them happened to be home around lunch-time (Eastern US Time), when I had just gotten home from work (around 6.30 P.M. Albanian time). I have been missing them so much (been away from them for 5 months now *sigh*). This long distance is sort of killing me since I love my family oh-so-muuuuuuuch but hearing all their voices, talking with each one individually and them preparing to send me a packiage soon, made that super-long distance a little bit better. I so wish, hope and pray to be able to visit my family this upcoming Thanksgiving. =)

*It has been a very fulfilling work week for me, this week. I have gotten a lot of things done, E-Mails sent and many appointments that have gone through. It will be 3 months exactly next Wednesday since I started this job and I like it for the most part. =)

*I hope and pray I can use my in-laws computer this evening after I get out of work so I can fix and upload some photos into my USB and have them ready to share with you, since I am so behind with outfit-posting due to not having a working personal computer right now. It sucks I know. I love my camera and I love my photos. It is time for my laptop to be fixed again, come on!! (Pray for me girls, so this will happen!!)

*My husband has actually left work on time the last couple of days and for that I am truly Thankful. I have gotten to see him a bit longer after work and last night (after I went out with my girlfriend) we even stopped at our local Bar-Cafe for a Sizzling Dark Hot Chocolate. We only stayed there for a brief time, like 40 minutes or so but it was Bliss!!

*Every time I wear RED it puts me in a good mood. It is my Absolute-Most-Favorite Color, also one that looks great on me so both yesterday and today I have been sporting some red, two days in a row.

*It is almost the weekend and it is Easter Sunday. I am off on Sunday and so is my husband. If the weather is nice (like it has been through the week), we will go for a lunch out and for a walk by the lake. =)

This is it for today. Hope to come back tonight with an Outfit Post. Take Care Lovely Girls!!