Sunday, March 25, 2012

Olive Green Paired with Fuchsia... and I am Back!!

Finally having an outfit post. Hip Hip Hoorrayyyy!! I have been MIA but I need to explain why. You guys, this entire month of March, I haven't had a working home computer. My husband and I share a lap-top. Hopefully a few months into my new job, I can purchase a new lap-top however it is not in our budget now as this summer we plan to move to a newer, bigger, better apartment and we need to furnish it some more, also. Mid-February our lap-top started heating up, especially by where you plug in the charger. Granted it could be out fault, since we mostly use it from the comfort of our bed, laying down. It was OK for a while but it heated up so much one day that it started to burn the outside circle part (that inserts into the lap-top) of the cable of the charger. My husband finickled with it for a while, but the charger was no good. For about a week and a half we used my in-laws charger every now and then so at least I could check my personal e-mail & Facebook. We gave in and purchased a new charger. The new charger wouldn't stay on correctly the whole time, so we would have to play with it or place a thin book under the cable in order for it to work. My husband - the IT (Information Technology) Guru he is - opened up the lap-top and discovered that there was a loose part inside and that the old charger might have caused some damage inside it. He wasn't able to fix it because he doesn't have all the proper tools and he is more of a Software than Hardware person so it has been sitting on top of his drawer ever since. He hasn't found time still to take it in to a Toshiba place and see what is wrong with it, what parts we need to order new and (hopefully) if it is fixable or not. I hope so because I have sooo many things saved there that I need. My husband works a gazillion hours at his job and they have been so busy installing new computers and a new system this past two weeks that he has had no time for ours. =(

Meanwhile while I can do some blogging from my work computer (shshshhhh don't tell: they haven't blocked Blogger), I can't really upload my daily outfits and save them as files here. Plus there is no Photoshop or similar program I need to use sometime so that the brightness and contrast of my photos is just right. I must say they are strict around here (at work), as I can only use Google and read articles pretty much. Of course I can check my work E-Mail too but no personal networking (like Facebook or Twitter) and no personal E-Mail (hotmail, yahoo, aol, gmail) is allowed.

So, the last few blogs you have seen haven't been Outfit Posts. I have written these blogs during down-time or break-time at work and I have found all the related shopping photos online, saved them quickly for the blog and deleted them all. However last week I took my memory card and went to my in-laws, while spending some quality time with my mother-in-law. I saved most of my photos from the memory card into an USB and started fixing some of them. They don't have photoshop but their computer has this section where you save photos under where you can do small things such as cropping, contrasting and fixing the colors. There you have it, My Long Story about not posting in a long while...

The below photos are the ones I fixed a few days ago at my in-laws, featuring a work outfit I have worn this March. That day I took a lot of outfit posts. Since I haven't done AN OOTD POST IN A WHILE I DECIDED TO SHOW YOU GUYS A TON OF PICS, TODAY. So there you have it, 11 photos today. =) I must say I like the casual yet business-y effect of this outfit. Yes I am wearing legging pants but I have dressed them up with a long blazer, a silk scarf (when tied around the neck they always remind me of an office) and some Mary Jane Pumps. =)
 Of course I had to show a close-up photo of my shoes. They are my latest shoe purchase. I purchased two new pairs of shoes in March and this is one of the two pairs. They don't look anything special in a box, or on the shelf, but on the foot they are much cuter. It is a simple, casual-dressy Mary Jane Style with a 2 or 2.5 inch heel, quite thick and retro. These shoes remind of the 60s - a Time Period whose style I love. =)

Olive Green Skinny Pants/Leggings: Piazza Italia.
Fuchsia, Boat-Neck, Light Sweater: Ann Taylor LOFT.
Light Beige, 3/4 Sleeve, Boyfriend Blazer: Express.
Bronze &Gold-Printed Silk Scarf: A Scarf Boutique.
Baby-Pink, Rose-Printed, Hair Claw: Bijoux & Accessories.
4-Stranded, Elastic, Silver Bracelet: Parfois (Recently Purchased).
Gold & Diamond, Engagement/Wedding Rings: From My Husband.
Silver Ring w/ Small, Circle Crystal (left hand): Kohl's.
Silver Ring w/ Iridescent, Multi-Colored, Large, Oval Stone (left hand): Lord & Taylor.
Nude, Trouser Stockings: Payless.
Olive Green, Mary Jane Pumps: Simple Shoes.