Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pink and Purple Rain.

This is not a work outfit. This is rather a simple, every-day casual outfit, what I throw on during a cold, wintery day under my coat, gloves and scarf, when I am having lunch or a drink with a friend, when visiting someone, shopping or such. This is an outfit from early January, just days before I started my job and it was such a rainy day that day. Thank God for the bus. I put these bright colors on despite the rain, perhaps to brighten my mood (not that I was mad, angry or anything), just that a person's mood gets affected due to the weather - that we can't control most of the time.

I wore this outfit when I visited my oldest friend's parents. So this friend and I have been friends since we were super young, two and a half decades ago and we remain very good, close friends to this day. She is now married to an American guy and lives in USA (in Maryland; and of course I went to her wedding and even did ALL OF HER FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS including her gorgeous bouquet). Her parents live in Tirana, Albania - where I visited them. And I consider her mom like my friend too. She is a motherly figure in my life and I love her dearly. I must say this visit was great. No wonder it lasted 4+ hours and we had refreshments, we had snacks, lunch, dessert and coffee at her home. She was very welcoming. Among other things (I hadn't seen her parents in 4 years), we celebrated the fact that my friend's parents had just become grandparents. My friend had her first baby (a beautiful, healthy, big little girl on January 2nd). So, the photos below are taken by my friend's mom in their living room. She did a good job taking the pics and making me happy. =)

Later that evening we met up my husband's co-worker (his best friend from work) with his fiance, and we had drinks. The weather continued to be chilly and wet. The last two photos (with the outer-wear) are taken by my lovely husband.

Light, Cotton-Lycra, Purple Turtleneck: T Box.
Pink & Purple Floral Cardigan w/ Silver Rhinestone Buttons: Express.
Light-Wash Black, Skinny Jeans w/ Rhinestone Pockets in the Back: White House Black Market.
Brown Puffy Coat w/ Faux Fur-Trimmed Hood: Weather Tamer.
Gray & Magenta, Cashmere Wrap Scarf: Banana Republic.
Dangly, Circle Earrings w/ Multifaceted Black Crystal Stone: White House Black Market.
Gray Wool Hat w/ a Bow: Made in Italy.
Cognac Brown, Leather, Riding Boots: Payless.