Sunday, December 23, 2012

Black Skinnies and Red Dolman Sweater.

Once again it is Sunday and I am stuck at work all day (14 hours). One more Sunday at work after this and then Maternity Leave. =) I am glad because I need to relax a little bit before giving birth and get everything ready for our bundle of joy. I got a lot accomplished yesterday on my day off. I went to bed real late the previous night and I woke up real late too. As I opened my eyes and had some juice to drink, then a little bit of Blogging & Facebooking and then I started dusting and cleaning. I put our little rug/carpet in the living room. But the main thing I got accomplished yesterday is filling up our baby's closet. We built her a huge closet, but since most of her stuff was shipped or sent from USA, it was all still in luggages. My Sister-in-Law helped me a lot yesterday to get all her stuff in the closet and organize it. We organized everything by articles of clothing & sizes. For example all the onesies 0-3 months in one spot, all the dresses hanging, all her socks and accessories such as hats in one drawer, all her diapers and wipes together, etc. you get the idea. It was a lot of work but fun work nevertheless. I love her clothes, she has beautiful things. My mom picked out most of her clothes (and purchased them - how lucky) and she did an excellent job. I will forever be thankful to my parents for such generous gifts. =) Now it is time to blog an outfit but I will be back late tonight with a Special Edition of Week's Best Looks which I hope you will enjoy, so STAY TUNED for that!! =)

I love wearing and pairing Red & Black together. For more check out this post. I am adding another Red & Black look to my outfits' collection in this combination. This is quite simple but it is splashy & sassy nevertheless. I love these loose, bat-wing, dolman or kimono-sleeved styles of sweaters and have worn a few of them while pregnant - they are perfect for pregnancy. Actually this is the second similar sweater I wear this week alone. It seems like this week has been all about stripes and these types of sweaters, if you notice my outfits log. =)

3/4-Sleeve, See-Through, Crochet, Off-the-Shoulder, Light, Red Sweater: Express.
Black, Stretchy, Skinny Corduroy Pants: White House Black Market. 
Black, Sparkly, Circle Studs: Piazza Italia.
Long, Gold, Braided Chain Necklace w/ Twisted Circle & Tassle Detail: Parfois (New).
Silver, Black + Red, Thin, Stretchy, Rhinestone Bracelets (purchased together as a set of 4): White House Black Market.
Silver Ring w/ Long Oval-Shaped Orange Stone: Kohl's.
Metallic, Black Hair Barrettes: H&M.
Black, Leather Boots: Impo. 


  1. Lookin' good, li'l mama! I love that pendant.

    I know getting the baby's closet together was great fun - will she be getting her own fashion blog? :)

    1. Thanks a lot Lynne. Your comment or question rather of "I know getting the baby's closet together was great fun - will she be getting her own fashion blog? :)" made me laugh and smile. I will definitely take some photos of the baby's closet/dresser and show you some of her clothes. And yes I will post baby photos of hers every now and then. Of course, she will be Mamma's Princess!!

      Have a Lovely Sunday and hope your daughter is home, not at the hospital. Hugs for this Christmas <3 Ada.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post about getting ready for your baby. So reminds me of myself when I was expecting my first (son).
    Good luck with everything and thank you so much for visiting me and the nice comments.

    1. Thank you Daphne. You are Welcome. Merry Christmas to you & your family and here is a little XMas surprise for you - hope you like it. =)

      Have a Great One, Ada. =)


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