Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fashion Fall Colors Challenge 2012: WINE!!

Second Day of the Fashion Challenge, here. This is EXACTLY what I wore yesterday. I thought I would have a particularly hard time on this second day, because I didn't think I have many burgundy/wine or dare I say it "OXBLOOD" items that fit me now that I am pregnant. I don't own a ton in this color as it is. However, these low-waisted corduroy, skinny pants (which I love) served me just fine yesterday. I left the zipper half-way done and with a long T-Shirt over them - they were fine. As a matter of fact, I kept pulling them up all day but I usually sit at my desk, so they didn't bother me much. Then I did a Burgundy Cardigan with a Purple undertone to it. The cardigan looks lighter in the photos, sort of like a Magenta, but trust me, it is Burgundy. Yesterday ended up being such a gorgeous and warm day, too. =) My Burberry-Plaid Headband also has some Wine in it. The Baby Pink Tee worked perfect with the rest of the Wine coloring. I felt so put-together though casually-chic in this outfit. What do you think? And those of you who are participating, how is this Challenge going so far?

Wine-Colored, Warm, Wool Cardigan: Pink Shadow.
Burgundy Corduroy Skinny Pants: White House Black Market.
Baby Pink, Long, Breezy, Cotton Tee: Melon
Silver Chain Necklace w/ Small, Black, Semi-Precious Stone: Fred's Jewelry.
Dangly, Silver Flower Earrings w/ Tiny Black Stone in the Middle: Borrowed from My Sister in Law.
Classic, Beige, Brown & Burgundy, Wide-Band, Canvas, Plaid Headband: Burberry.

Black, Suede Leather, Light Loafers, Featuring a Buckle Detail: St. John's Bay (JC Penney).
This was Round 2 of the Challenge for this week:  Tuesday, November 13th. As you can tell out of all these colors today the color was WINE or "OXBLOOD" (the IT Color of Fall-Winter 2012-2013).
(Linking Up with Megan and Keely, the two Hosts of this Challenge.)
P.S. I am also linking this up with The Adorable Lindsey.


  1. All of the shades of wine look great pulled together. The plaid headband is adorable too!

    1. Thanks Heather. Heading on to see your wine challenge look, too. =)

  2. I don't own much of wine colored clothes either.

  3. Pink, fuschia, and burgundy! Never would have expected all those colors to work so well together. I'm actually finding this challenge a bit difficult, but very fun and exciting.

    1. Yes, all those are strong colors but fall on the same palette spectrum, that is why I think they work. I am finding this challenge a little difficult too because I don't own all of the colors in big doses (except gray) and at the same time I am pregnant, so I have to find stuff that fits.


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